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Sri Ananda Anjaneyam | Anjaneya Dwaadasa Naamavali


Sri Rama Rama Raameti Rame Raame Manorame
Sahasra Naama Tat Tulyam Rama Naama Varaanane


Yatra Yatra Raghunaatha-Kiirtanam
Tatra Tatra Krta-Mastaka-Anjalim
Maarutim Namata Raakssasa-Antakam ||

Meaning: In all those nooks and corners, where the lord Raghunath (Rama) is sung about, In all such nooks and corners is he (Hanuman), With tears flooding from the eyes, Salutations to my Lord Maruthi, He who saw the end of all evil ones.

Sri Anjaneya Swamy loves his devotees. Those who constantly pray to Him would be blessed with knowledge, strength, fame, brilliance and courage. They would be cured of every disease. They would be blessed with prosperity.


Due to the blessing of Sri Venkateswara Swamy, till now I have written fifteen books. All these books are well known among His devotees. Amongst these, Sri Venkateswara Vrata Kalpam, Sri Narasimha Vrata Kalpam are attracting a number of devotees from India and abroad. They are being performed both at home and in temples across the world. My well-wishers have been requesting me to write Sri Anjaneya Swamy leelas from a long time. I always told them that I would write when I receive His blessings. Finally I received Sri Hanuman’s blessing. One day early in the morning I got a dream in which I saw the Lord with divine brilliance and a bright smile. On that day Ananda Anjaneyam took form in my mind. Every word in this book is nothing but His blessing. There is no greatness of mine. It is only His grace. He is a great devotee of Sri Ram who is none other than Sriman Narayana. Sri Hanuman is immortal. He still lives with the devotees where either He or Lord Sri Ram is worshipped.

I have written this book only due to His benevolence. It is only His grace. Whoever reads this books would be blessed with prosperity. They would not be afflicted by diseases. Devotees would attain success if they constantly chant Sri Hanuman’s name and read this book.

I pray to Lord Hanuman to bless all those who directly or indirectly contributed to this book and those who read, listen and partake prasadam with good health and wealth.

Sarve Janaa Sukhino Bavanthu

Sree Hanumath Kataaksha Siddirastu
Samastha SanMangalaani Bhavanthu

How to read this book?

Sri Hanuman loves His devotees. Devotees who constantly think of Him would not face any danger. All their works would be completed. Every night before sleeping if one prays to Him, the devotee would get a sound sleep with a calm mind. They would not get any bad dreams. Next day the devotee would be very cheerful. Reading this book is the easiest way to receive His blessings. There is no need to fast while reading this book. One needs to take bath and be clean both in body and mind.

This book can be read by anyone, irrespective of age, lineage or gender. It can be read on any month or day. Reading it on Ekadasi or Purnami days or on the day of the Makha, Purva Bhadra or Swathi stars will yield maximum results. One can read in the morning sitting in front of the home temple. As soon as one reads it, they should offer two bananas. If possible offer a coconut to Anjaneya.

People who are suffering from financial and health issues should read this book continuously for three days in Hanuman temple or any other temple. They can read it either in the morning or evening. All their problems will be resolved.

Students who are writing their exams should read the book in any temple on any Saturday. They will be blessed with success in their exams.

Childless couple yearning for a child should read this book in Hanuman temple or any other temple continuously for three days and they are sure to be blessed with a child. If unmarried girls and boys follow the same procedure their marriage would be fixed quickly.

People suffering from stress or mental issues should read it on any Saturday either at home or in a temple to overcome their problem. Relatives or friends can read the book to those who are unwell. They would recover quickly and have normal health.

If anyone reads the book aloud in a temple for other devotees, they will be blessed by Sri Hanuman with a lot of happiness. Depending on their convenience they can read either in the morning or evening. After reading the book, they should offer bananas as neivedyam and distribute to the devotees. Devotees should eat the banana after praying to God.

One may read this book on the behalf of one’s offspring or relatives living abroad. For childlessness, good health, marriage, jobs and any other issues, reading this book consecutively for three days in Sri Hanuman temples would ensure immediate results.

Those reading this book in the temple for other devotees would be blessed with punya of one thousand births. If the Priests in Sri Hanuman temple read the book every Saturday in front of His statue, He would bless all the devotees with a smooth life.

On any auspicious occasions like marriage, house warming ceremony, starting of new business etc one can either alone or by inviting friends and relatives read this book. Later offering neivedyam to and partaking it would ensure that no hurdles would be faced. It would be good if after successful completion of the work one can invite friends and relatives again and read the book, offer neivedyam and eat it.

One can read the book in any way, any day to receive the blessings of Sri Hanuman.

Sree Anjaneya Ashtothara Sata Namaavali

Om Anjaneyaaya namaha
Om Mahaveeraaya namaha
Om Hanumate namaha
Om Marutatmajaaya namaha
Om Tatvagnyanapradaya namaha
Om Sitadevi mudhra pradaayakaaya namaha
Om Ashokavani kaachetre namaha
Om Sarvamaya vibhamjanaaya namaha
Om Sarvabanda vimokchey namaha
Om Rakshovidhvamsa kaarakaaya namaha
Om Paravidhya pariharaya namaha
Om Parashourya vinashanaaya namaha
Om Paramamtra niraakartre namaha
Om Parayantra prabedakaaya namaha
Om Sarvagraha vinaashine namaha
Om Bhimasena sahaayakrute namaha
Om Sarva dukhaharaaya namaha
Om Sarva lokachaarinye namaha
Om Manojavaaya namaha
Om Paarijaata drumulasdhaaya namaha
Om Sarva mantraswarupavathe namaha
Om Sarva tantraswarupine namaha
Om Sarva yantratmakaaya namaha
Om Kapeeshwaraaya namaha
Om Mahakaayaaya namaha
Om Sarva rogaharaaya namaha
Om Prabhave namaha
Om Balasiddhikaraaya namaha
Om Sarvavidya Sampattipradayakaya namaha
Om Kapisenaa naayakaaya namaha
Om Bhavishya chaturananaaya namaha
Om Kumaara bramhachaarine namaha
Om Ratna kundaladeepthimate namaha
Om Sanchala dwalasannaddha lamba maanashikhojwalaaya namaha
Om Gandharwa vidyatatwagnyaya namaha
Om Mahabala paraakramaaya namaha
Om Kaaraagruha vimoktre namaha
Om Shrumkhalaa bandhamochakaaya namaha
Om Saagarottarakaaya namaha
Om Pragnyaya namaha
Om Raama dhutaaya namaha
Om Prataapavate namaha
Om Vaanaraaya namaha
Om Kesaree sutaaya namaha
Om Seetaa shokha nivaaranaaya namaha
Om Anjanaagarbha sambhutaaya namaha
Om Baalaarka sadrushaananaaya namaha
Om Vibhishana priyakaraaya namaha
Om Dhashagreeva kulaamtakaaya namaha
Om Lakshmana praanadaatre namaha
Om Vajra kaayaaya namaha
Om Mahadyutaye namaha
Om Chiranjeevine namaha
Om Raamabhaktaaya namaha
Om Daitya kaarya vighatakaaya namaha
Om Akshahantre namaha
Om Kaala naabhaaya namaha
Om Pancha vaktraya namaha
Om Maha tapase namaha
Om Lamkhinee bhanjanaaya namaha
Om Srimate namaha
Om Simhika praanabhanjanaaya namaha
Om Gandha maadana-sailasthaaya namaha
Om Lankaa-pura vidaahakaaya namaha
Om Sugriva sachivaaya namaha
Om Ddhiraaya namaha
Om Shooraaya namaha
Om Daityakulantakaaya namaha
Om Suraarchitaaya namaha
Om Mahaa tejase namaha
Om Raama chudaamanipradaaya namaha
Om Kaamarupaaya namaha
Om Pingalakshaaya namaha
Om Vaardhimainaaka pujitaaya namaha
Om Kabalikruta maarthandamandalaaya namaha
om Vijitendriyaya namaha
Om Raama Sugriva sandhaatre namaha
Om MahaRaavana Mardhanaaya namaha
Om Spatikaabhaaya namaha
Om Vaagadhishaaya namaha
Om Navavyakruti Panditaaya namaha
Om Chaturbaahave namaha
Om Deena bandhave namaha
Om Mahatmane namaha
Om Bhaktha vastalaaya namaha
Om Sanjivananagayartha namaha
Om Shuchaye namaha
Om Vaagmine namaha
Om Druda vrataaya namaha
Om Kaalanemi pramadhanaaya namaha
Om Harimarkata markataaya namaha
Om Daantaaya namaha
Om Shantaaya namaha
Om Prasanaatmane namaha
Om Shathakanta madaapahrute namaha
Om Yogine namaha
Om Raama kathalolaaya namaha
Om Seetaanveshana panditaaya namaha
Om Vajra damstraya namaha
Om Vajranakhaaya namaha
Om Rudhra veerya samudbavaaya namaha
Om Indrajitprahitamoghabrahmastra Vinivarakaya namaha
Om Paardha dhwajaagra samvaasine namaha
Om Shara panjara bhedhakaaya namaha
Om Dashabaahave namaha
Om Loka pujyayaa namaha
Om Jaamba vatpreeti vardhanaaya namaha
Om Seetaa Sameta Sreeraamapaada Sevaa Durandharaaya namaha

Anjaneya Anjaneya Anjaneya Paahimaam
Hanumanta Hanumanta Hanumanta Rakshamaam

Anjaneya Dwadasa Namavali

Hanumaan, anjanaasoonuhu, vaayuputro, mahaabalaha,
Raameshta, phalguna sakhaha, pingaaksho, mita vikramaha,
udadhi kramanaschaiva, Sita shoka vinaashakaha, laxmana
praana daataacha, dashagreevasya darpahaa ||

dwaadashaitaani naamaani kapeendrasya mahaatmanaha
swaapakaale pathernityam yaatra kaale visheshataha
tasya mrityur bhayam naasti, sarvatra vijayee bhaveth

First Chapter

Rama Sharma Story

Sri Hanuman loves His devotees. He stands like a shadow to protect the devotees who believe and pray to Him. Just thinking of Him would remove any fear in our heart. When the mind is in turmoil, just remembering Sri Hanuman would make one feel lighter at heart. He is strong, non-egoistical and very friendly. If one prays to Him constantly then that devotee would be blessed with success on all fronts.

Once upon a time, in a village called Venkatapuram, there lived a poor Brahmin named Rama Sharma. As he was a devotee of Sri Ram, he would everyday worship Sri Ram as well as His dear follower Sri Hanuman. Although, due to the bad deeds of his previous births, he was suffering from poverty, he was a good human being and would see God in everyone. He used to perform pourohityam for his livelihood, not only in his village but also in the surrounding villages.

One day, Rama Sharma received an invitation from a neighboring Sitaramapuram village to perform the house warming ceremony in a rich man’s house. There was a forest on the way to this village. In the night it was not safe to travel across this forest. Wild animals would roam in the forest making it dangerous. That is why Rama Sharma decided to start early in the afternoon and reach Sitaramapuram village by night fall. He thought that if he reached in the night then he could perform the house warming ceremony in the morning and then return home by evening.

He quickly finished his lunch by 1 pm and was about to start when he received a call from a rich Landlord of Venkatapuram. The Landlord wanted to discuss about an auspicious time for some purpose. If he goes to the Landlord’s house it would be very late. If he does not go then the Landlord would get angry. If that happens he was scared that he would not get the small jobs that he was currently getting. Thinking so, Rama Sharma left it in the hands of Lord Sri Ram and went to meet the Landlord. When he reached there, the Landlord had gone out on an urgent work. He left word with his servants that Rama Sharma should wait for his return. Hearing it Rama Sharma was agitated thinking at what time would the Landlord return and at what time he would reach Sitaramapuram village.

The Landlord returned home at 4pm. He went inside his house and came out only after an hour. He then told to Rama Sharma that he would like to perform his daughter’s wedding and asked him to check the horoscope of his daughter. After examining the horoscope Rama Sharma told him that the marriage would take place in the near future. By then it was almost evening. Taking leave from the Landlord, Rama Sharma quickly went to his house. Rama Sharma’s wife discouraged him by saying that it was almost night fall and that it was not safe to travel at that time. However Rama Sharma did not want to lose the money and insisted that he would leave then itself and that Lord Rama was there to protect him. With no choice left,Rama Sharma’s wife let him go with a number of instruction to be careful.

Carrying all the required materials needed for the housewarming ceremony on his shoulder, Rama Sharma entered the forest chanting Lord Rama’s name. It was dark everywhere. The path was not clear. Somewhere in the distance owls were hooting. Rama Sharma was a little scared. He immediately remembered Sri Hanuman. Sri Anjaneya would help and protect in any dangerous situation. So he walked fast chanting Sri Hanuman’s name. On the path, he saw a big cobra dancing and hissing with his hood open. He stood there itself and bowed to the cobra chanting Sri Hanuman’s name. Immediately the snake brought down his hood and slithered into the nearby bushes.

Rama Sharma started walking again and there was only ten more minutes walk left for crossing the forest suddenly a roaring cheetah jumped in front of him. Rama Sharma was shocked at the sudden turn of events. He was terrified seeing the roaring cheetah that was ready to pounce on him at any time. Immediately he prayed to Sri Hanuman saying ‘Oh Anjaneya! Son of Vayu (Pawana Putra)! Sri Rama’s Messenger! I don’t have anyone except you. You have killed so many asuras in Lanka. And found where Sita Maa was living. Please save me from this danger’.

Hearing his prayers, Lord Hanuman was pleased and blessed him. Immediately, a big ape jumped on to the cheetah from a nearby tree with a big roar. The Cheetah for a second was stunned but recovering fought with the ape. With a divine brilliance, it was no ordinary ape. Making a huge roaring sound it started scratching on the back of the cheetah. The cheetah could not bear the scratching and ran off into the forest. Immediately the divine ape also jumped on to a tree and vanished like a lighting.

Rama Sharma understood what might have happened. Realising that Lord Hanuman protected him, he praised the Lord. With courage he started walking and reached the Sitaramapuram village. He completed the house warming ceremony and returned home by that evening. He narrated everything to his wife. Both husband and wife praised the Lord in many ways.

Devotees who praise Sri Hanuman who is Lord Rama’s dear devotee would be blessed with prosperity. All diseases would be cured. Lord Hanuman is very strong. He loves his devotees. Evil spirits would run away with the chanting of His name. No harm would come to the devotees who always pray to Him. He fulfils all our wishes. Those who worship Sri Anjaneya would always be blessed with success.

|| End of First Chapter ||

Second Chapter

Vishnu Bhatt Story

In the olden days there was a small village called Krishnapuram in the Kalinga kingdom. There lived a poor Brahmin called Vishnu Bhatt in that village. He used to conduct pourohityam with his limited knowledge. As he was a physically disabled person from childhood, he was not able to earn enough to meet the requirements of his family and hence used to feel sad for his poverty. He always used to pray to God to bless him to overcome his poverty. In that village there was a temple dedicated to Abhaya Anjaneya swamy. People in Krishnapuram and neighbouring villages believed that the Bhagawan was very powerful as it was a very old temple. Every year festivals used to be conduct on a grand scale and devotees used to come in hordes. People from neighbouring villages would come along with their families on bullock carts. All through the festival days the entire village would have a festive look. Sri Anjaneya Swamy temple would be decorated beautifully with different flowers.

Like every year, that year also the festival was being celebrated on a grand scale. Every day special pujas were being conducted for Sri Hanuman. In the evening groups of devotees would sing bhajans in the temple premises. Well known Bhagavatam reciters would start Hari kathas every day at around 10 o’clock in the night and would continue till early morning. Devotees would listen to Bhagawan’s miracles and enjoy blissfulness. On one particular Tuesday, Bhagawan was decorated wonderfully with vermillion. Seeing His radiant divine form all devotees were captivated. Sri Hanuman loves His devotees. If anyone wants to fulfil their wish for completing a work successfully, praying to Hanuman would ensure that the work would be completed without any hurdles. Anyone who is facing health issues would be cured if they pray to Him regularly.

Vishnu Bhatt also participated in the program that day. He prayed to Sri Hanuman to help him overcome his financial problems at least in this year. In addition to his physical handicap, he was recently afflicted with a skin disease which was not getting cured even after a lot of treatment. His livelihood was getting difficult. Although he tried a lot of herbal medicines he was not getting any relief. Vishnu Bhatt thought that it was all due to his previous birth’s bad deeds.

One evening he met a Pandit who came to the temple from a neighbouring village. Vishnu Bhatt offered his pranams to the Pandit, narrated his problems to him and requested to show a way to overcome them. The Pandit then replied ‘Oh Son! I understand your pain. In your previous birth you were a Priest in a Hanuman temple in Achyutapuram which is fourty miles from here. However, you have committed a number of sins then. Although you were a priest in Hanuman’s temple you did not follow any rules and regulations. You used to have bad qualities like robbing and going behind ladies. Due to these bad qualities, in this birth you are suffering a lot. There is only one way for you to follow. For seven Saturdays you need to wake up early in the morning, take bath, observe proper fast and clean the temple premises though out the day contemplating on Sri Hanuman. If you do this service for seven Saturdays your previous birth’s sins will be negated and you would be rewarded’.

Vishnu Bhatt prostrated to the Pandit and agreed to follow what he told him. Vishnu Bhatt decided to do what the Pandit told him to do on the following Saturday. He woke up early in the morning, took bath and went to the temple. He cleaned the premises with a broom. Due to his physical disability he felt tired. However with perseverance he cleaned the temple till night fall, took prasadam and went home. He followed the same ritual for six weeks with devotion.

Six weeks went by. It was seventh Saturday. He woke up early in the morning, took bath and wore clean clothes and went to the temple. As there was a severe storm the night before, the temple premises was filled with leaves and dust. It was 2pm by the time he completely cleaned everything. As he was very tired he sat down near a temple pillar and leaned on it. Within no time he fell asleep. He saw a dream in his sleep in which he saw radiantly divine Sri Hanuman. Bhagawan was wearing a crown made of diamonds and all sorts of gems. On His neck were beautiful bright necklaces and flower garlands… golden earrings on His ears… Golden bangles on His hands and kada on His feet…Thus adorned with divine jewels Bhagawan gave darshan to Vishnu Bhatt with a gentle smile and tender eyes.

Vishnu Bhatt bowed down and praised Him. He woke up from sleep and was so happy with the darshan of Sri Hanuman. While he was feeling a delightful pleasure due to his dream, a monkey from a nearby tree jumped down. It walked very fast towards Vishnu Bhatt, with a loud scream gave a big slap on Vishnu Bhatt’s back and ran to the tree and disappeared. Vishnu Bhatt was shocked with the events and had goose bumps. While he was contemplating why the monkey come to him, he realised something. His physical disability as well as his skin disease completely disappeared. He felt a wonderful energy in his body. He realised this was all due to the blessings of Sri Hanuman. He understood that the monkey was none other than Sri Hanuman about whom he dreamt a little earlier. He prayed and praised saying ‘Oh Anjaneya! Happiness Personified! Lover of Devotees! You have blessed me after so many years. Please accept my Pranamams. Oh Merciful Lord! Oh Son of Lord Vayu! My pranamams. Oh Lord of Devotees! Saviour of Devotees! I bowed down to You.’ Vishnu Bhatt got cured of his illnesses. He later gained a lot of fame as a great Purohit and earned a lot of wealth. His whole family was devoted to the service of Lord Anjaneya and lived happily for a long time.

Sri Hanuman loves His devotees. He would save and protect His devotees from any hurdles or problems. Devotees who pray to Him with dedication would be blessed by His divine darshan making them happy. He would always protect the devotees who worship Him with a pure heart. Those who constantly contemplate on Him would not face any calamity. They would attain success on all fronts.

|| End of Second Chapter ||

Third Chapter

Subbi Shetty Story

Sri Hanuman is immortal. He is very gallant, very powerful and still lives to this day. He takes care of the devotees who believe in Him. As soon as one thinks of Him, He comes in some or the other form and provides us strength. He would come in any form of a bird and remove our fear. We only have to think of Him whole heartedly, immediately He would protect us.

Once upon a time, in Andhra Pradesh there was a village called Dharmapuram. There used to be a businessman named Subbi Shetty. He started with small businesses and as luck favoured him, he became a very rich man. He developed his business well. Although externally he used to show that he was a very devote person but in reality he was very stingy. He would not treat his staff well. If he donates for any devotional cause, he would make sure that he earns ten times more than what he had spent. Till then he would not even give ten paisa to a beggar.

There was a magnificent Sri Anjaneya temple in the village. Every month Subbi Shetty used to visit the temple. He used to get archana done with four annas (1 anna=1/16 rupee) and in turn would take a lot of prasadam to suffice his whole family. It was a Saturday and as usual worship was being conducted on a large scale. A lot of devotees visited the temple for the darshan of Sri Hanuman. Subbi Shetty also visited the temple. Like every time he paid four annas for archana and packed a big packet of prasadam and started his return journey on a bullock cart. While travelling he met the village Landlord. He immediately got down, bowed down to the Landlord and enquired his wellbeing. The Landlord informed Subbi Shetty that he got some information from the Landlord of a neighbouring village, Ramapuram that was around forty miles away. The Ramapuram Landlord had a requirement for 100 kgs of Tur dal (Pigeon peas). Dharmapuram Landlord said he was in fact waiting to talk to Subbi Shetty if he could provide the same in a week’s time. Subbi Shetty was lost for words and was extremely happy. He thought to himself how much profit could he make with 100 kgs? Wow what a good bargain! He promised the Landlord that he would definitely deliver in a week’s time. The Landlord climbed on his cart and continued his journey. Subbi Shetty also started for his home.

Subbi Shetty could not control his happiness. Providing 100 kgs of Tur dal is not easy. How much profit one can get. Thinking so he was extremely happy. In his happiness when he reached home he forgot to take the prasadam packet of Sri Hanuman. As soon as he entered with a lot of pomp he informed his wife about the deal he made. After dinner although he tried he was not able to sleep due to the excitement. He was thinking of the rate at which he has to sell and that if he provides a lower quality of dal he would be able to make more profit. He slept after some deliberation and completely forgot about the prasadam. In the morning, after coming out from bath, he saw Sri Hanuman’s photo on the wall. Immediately he remembered about the prasadam. He went to the bullock cart and searched for it. However all the prasadam was eaten by the ants and not even a little bit was left. Disappointed he went into the house.

Sri Hanuman was angry due to Subbi Shetty’s negligence of His prasadam. No one should disregard any God’s prasadam at any point in time. The prasadam offered to God’s will have immense power. By partaking the prasadam we would be blessed with good health. Any type of disease would be cured. As Subbi Shetty neglected Sri Hanuman’s prasadam, the Lord was very angry. Due to the love for money Subbi Shetty disregarded the Prasadam which resulted in Lord’s anger. And He wanted to teach Subbi Shetty a lesson. After four days Subbi Shetty sent his servant to the neighbouring Ramapuram with the hundred kilos of pulses on a cart. After they travelled a little distance a big group of monkeys raided the cart. The cart driver got scared and abandoned the cart. As the monkeys attacked the servant he also ran away. The monkeys tore the bags of pulses and threw everything here and there into the bushes. Subbi Shetty was very upset on hearing the news. He thought about the loss of his money. After this episode he incurred losses in the business and was affected by some disease. He ultimately died after a lot of suffering.

Due to the sin of neglecting of Sri Hanuman’s prasadam, Subbi Shetty was born as a donkey in his next birth. He suffered a lot by carrying heavy weights that the owner would dump on his back. Mercilessly his owner would still load more weights, even though he was suffering as his back was wounded with the friction of the weights. After suffering and leading a miserable life for some time he died. In his next birth Subbi Shetty was born as a rat. The curse of a sin committed towards God would trouble for a number of births. It is not easy to overcome it. That too the punishment which is a result of Sri Hanuman’s anger would be more severe.

Subbi Shetty in the rats form would roam around the storage houses and farm lands. One day he faced a miserable death when he was caught by a cat. In his next birth he was born as a parrot. Flying from one tree to another, he ultimately reached Dharamapuram Sri Anjaneya Swamy temple. As soon as he landed on the tree in the temple premises, he recollected his previous birth. He realised that due to the negligence of the Lord’s prasadam he had been facing so many problems. He wanted to redeem his sins. He lived on the same tree and ate the residues of prasadam left by devotees in the leaf cup. Every day he used to fly around the premises, pick up even the smallest piece of prasadam and fly back to the top of tree and eat with lot of devotion. He spent almost a year on the tree. He could not survive due to a big storm that came one day. Due to the partaking of Sri Hanuman’s prasadam every day he took rebirth as a human. He was born in a priest family in the same village, worshipped Lord Hanuman every day and led a pious life. He was known as a good priest and a very dear devotee of the Lord. He spent his life in the service of Sri Hanuman and ultimately attained salvation.

Sri Anjaneya Swamy’s prasadam has so much of importance. Any food that has been offered attains the sacredness like nectar (Amritam). Those who partake it with reverence would be cured of all their diseases. They would shine with a new brilliance. They would not come to any harm. They would attain success in any work that they undertake.

|| End of Third Chapter ||

Fourth Chapter

Divine Story of Sri Ananda Anjaneya

Long ago there was a Sri Rama temple in Ramapuram village in the kingdom of Kalinga. The Seetha Rama idols in this temple had a divine brilliance. The Anjaneya idol near their feet also was very wonderful. Every year during Sri Ramanavami festival, people used to decorate the idols wonderfully. Every day Hari katha used to take place. Devotees from neighbouring villages would come on bullock carts to Ramapuram. During those ten days Ramapuram would be filled with merriment. All the houses would be jam-packed with relatives who come from distant villages.

Like every year, that year also the festivities started on a large scale. On one evening, a pandit named Vishnu Sharma who came from neighbouring village was explaining Ramayanam in the temple premises. While explaining Ramayanam, he took the name of Sri Anjaneya and said ‘Oh Devotees! Sri Anjaneya is very strong and powerful. He is very courageous. He is well educated and knowledgeable. There is no skill that He doesn’t know. He is well versed and master of all types of skills.

He is proficient in grammar and linguistic analysis. He could cross one hundred yojanas of sea very easily. He is so strong. He is immortal and lives amongst us even to this day. No harm would come to those who worship Him. They would be cured of any disease that they have. There is a debate regarding His janma nakshatra – some scriptures say it is Purvabhadra and some Swati. Bananas and mangoes are dear to Sri Hanuman. He will be extremely pleased if one offers these fruits as naivedyam. Sri Hanuman also loves sindoor (Vermillion). Tuesdays and Saturdays are dear to Him. Worshipping Him on these days would benefit devotees immensely’. Vishnu Sharma thus explained Sri Hanuman’s importance.

He continued explaining Maruti’s gloriousness as follows, ‘Sri Hanuman loves His devotees very much. In addition, devotees who worship His Lord, Sri Ram also are very dear to Him. There would be no fear for those who constantly meditate on Him. They would be blessed with good health, positive thoughts and activeness. They would meet with success in all their activities. There would be no danger to the village that houses His temple. All the villages would live peacefully and happily. No negative forces would enter the village that has Sri Hanuman’s temple. The farmers of that village would reap good crops. They would have timely rains. In addition that village would be protected from fire. No fire accidents would happen. Due to His benevolence people in the village as well as the neighbouring villages would live with prosperity’.

One among the devotees who were listening asked Vishnu Sharma ‘Oh Pandit! You have explained the significance of Sri Hanuman very nicely. There is no separate temple for Sri Hanuman in our village. We will together build a magnificent temple for Him immediately’. Vishnu Sharma replied ‘Oh Children! The thought of this devotee is very good. If you all resolve to build it, then Bhagawan himself would bless. Very soon we would have a beautiful Sri Hanuman temple. Sri Hanuman is happiness personified. We would receive a lot of happiness with His darshan. All our fears would be removed’. While he was saying these words suddenly the sky was covered with dark clouds. Devotees were surprised and looked up to see dark clouds gathering within a few minutes and what they saw that moment surprised them.

Along with the dark clouds there was also strong thunder. The thunder was completely different as it was very bright. Suddenly the clouds adjusted here and there and took the form of Sri Hanuman. With a lot of bright thunder devotees were blessed with divine darshan of Sri Hanuman. All the devotees were mesmerised with the darshan of the Lord. Everyone joined their hands and praised saying ‘Oh Anjaneya! Son of Vayu! Oh Mighty God!’ Slowly the form became bigger and brighter. Around the form one could see a divine light further highlighting Sri Hanuman’s figure and giving darshan to the devotees. Bhagawan was wearing a flower garland. He was adorned with magnificent earrings. On his neck was a divine golden necklace. Beyond all these He gave darshan with a beautiful smile. All the devotees praised loudly saying ‘Oh Ananda Anjaneya! Namaste! Jai Ananda Anjaneya!’ suddenly a marvel happened. Slowly the cloud form started becoming smaller and smaller and travelled towards the earth. As it neared the village it became a small rock statue with a standing position and established in the temple premises. All those witnessing the event were very happy. Bhagawan’s face was shining marvellously with a divine smile. All the devotees were mesmerised seeing His statue.

As Sri Hanuman had self-manifested, all the villagers were extremely happy. They all thought it was due to their previous birth’s fortune. All of them contributed in various forms and constructed a magnificent temple. Bhagawan became famous as Ananda Anjaneya. He blessed His devotees and protected them from all harm. In a few years the temple gained prominence and Sri Ananda Anjaneya was known for fulfilling the wishes of His devotees like a Kalpa Vriksha. Oh Ananda Anjaneya! Please accept our pranamams. Oh Strong one! Our obeisance to You. Oh Lover of Devotees! Our pranamams to You.

|| End of Fourth Chapter ||

Fifth Chapter

Divine Story of Kesavapuram Hanumanthu

Once upon a time there was a village named Kesavapuram near SriSailam. The people in that village lived a happy life. Everyone used to help each other. All the people of their hereditary profession had enough work and lived with their families with satisfaction. In the village there was a magnificent Sri Anjaneya temple.

Amongst the neighbouring villages Sri Hanuman here was known to be very powerful. Devotees would pray to Bhagawan and request Him to fulfil their wishes. Once the wish was fulfilled, devotees would visit the temple along with their family. Devotees believed that all their problems would be resolved easily if they pray to him with full devotion.

Once there was a severe drought in the village. Due to inadequate rain, crops did not give any yield. People were suffering. It was difficult to take care of families. One day, on his way to South India, a learned person (sage) from Kashi visited Kesavapuram. The people of the village prayed to him to show a way to overcome the drought. The sage closed his eyes and meditated for a few minutes and said ‘Children! I understand your problem. There is a way that would result in rains and help you attain prosperity. In the Sri Hanuman temple of your village conduct a festival. The festival should be for three days and should end on pournami (full moon day). Perform astotra puja every day for Bhagawan. Celebrate Pournami day on a large scale. Sri Hanuman is kind hearted. He would surely bless and all of you would lead a happy life.’

Hearing it everyone was very happy, discussed amongst themselves and said to him ‘Oh Swamy! You are a well learned person. You represent Kashi Vishwanatha in brilliance. Have mercy on us and stay in our village for a few days. We want you to conduct the festival’. The sage agreed. Trayodasi was after four days. These four days the sage stayed in the temple premises. Every day evening he would explain the greatness of Sri Hanuman. Devotees were extremely happy hearing the knowledge.

On the morning of Trayodashi the festivities started on a grand scale. They decorated the temple beautifully with banana stems and various types of flowers. With colourful flowers everywhere the temple premises was a sight to see. Devotees were happy to see the decorations. All the villagers woke up early in the morning, took bath and reached the temple. The sage who came from Kasi along with the temple priests was getting ready to perform special pujas. All the devotees were eagerly waiting to see the worship with devotion. Suddenly a big storm started in the village. The storm was so powerful, all the banana pillars started swaying. If the storm continued for half an hour more the roofs of the village houses would definitely fly away. Devotees were sacred to see the intensity of the storm. No one knew what to do. Everyone prayed to the sage to do something. The sage said ‘Children! Do not worry. Isn’t Sri Hanuman son of Vayu? All of you pray to Him. Lord Vayu would quieten.’ Hearing this all the devotees prayed to Sri Hanuman in various ways. Some sang praises of Sri Hanuman’s character. Some performed bhajans. Some other devotees sang and danced about miracles of the Lord. Due to His benevolence, after a little while the storm subsided. Everyone was happy thinking that He had blessed them.

They praised the Lord in various ways. Then a miracle happened. All over the temple premises, a huge divine form of Sri Hanuman’s was visible with a bright light.

Devotees were extremely happy to have the divine darshan of the Lord. Bhagawan gave His divine darshan for a minute and disappeared. With His divine darshan the delight of the devotees increased many times. With amplified happiness everyone celebrated the next three days with a lot of devotion. The whole village was bursting with festive environment. On the evening of pournami the village witnessed rain. People were extremely happy. They thanked the Kashi sage who was instrumental in conducting the festivities for three days. Next day, the sage took leave from the villagers and continued his journey. The villagers gave a send-off to the sage at the boundary of the village. They believed that the sage who was having a divine glow of Shiva, was a messenger of Lord Hanuman and that the Lord had sent him to bless them.

After some days, with adequate rainfall the crops grew well and yielded good result. All the people prospered. From then onwards, every year during the month of Kartika the villagers celebrated the festival for three days in the name of Sri Hanuman. Due to His blessing the villagers prospered and lived happily. Even the people from neighbouring villages used to worship Sri Hanuman in Kesavapuram and lived happily.

|| End of Fifth Chapter ||

Atulitha Baladhamam Swarna Shailabha Deham
Danuja Vana Krusaanum Gyaninaamagraganyam
Sakala Guna Nidhaanam Vaanaraanaa Madhisam
Raghupathi Priya Bhaktam Vaatajaatam Namaami

Om Anjaneyaya Vidhmahe
Vayu Putraaya Dhimahi
Tanno Hanumath Prachodayaath

Manojavam Maaruta Tulya Vegam
Jitendriyam Buddhimataam Varishtam |
Vaataatmajam Vaanarayootha Mukhyam
Sri Rama Dootam Sirasa Namaami ||

Meaning: I surrender to Hanuman, the messenger of Lord Rama, whose speed is as swift as the mind and as swift as the wind, who has controlled his sense organs and is the most intelligent among the intelligent ones; who is the son of Vayu and the chief of the monkey tribe.

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