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Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham, Vrath, Vratam

Om Vagdevyacha Vidmahe
Brahma Patnyacha Dhimahi
Thanno Vaani Prachodayaath

Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham
(Miraculous Vratha Kalpam specified by Sri Saraswathi Devi with Her Divine blessings)

How to Perform this Saraswathi Vratham:
1) This book can be read by anyone, anytime. There is no limitation of age, caste or creed. It can be read by both men and women, in any month or any day.
2) It is very auspicious to read on Panchami, Ekadasi, or pournami tithi. Reading it on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is much more auspicious. The bad deeds of previous births will be removed. One will be blessed with a lot of punyam.
3) There is no need to observe any fast when doing this Vratham.
4) Before starting the Vratham offer obeisance to Lord Ganapati, Navagrahas and Astadikpalakas. After that one can state in your mind your name, names of your family members and gotram. Read the Astotram of Saraswathi Devi
followed by the five stories of Saraswathi Maa and finally offer any fruits as Naivedyam.
5) Children who are writing exams should read the five stories and offer bananas to Saraswathi maa. Maa Saraswathi will bless them with success in the exams.
6) One can read the five stories in any Shaarada Maatham and offer bananas to Devi Saraswathi to maximise the benefits. Whatever one wishes for would come true. Unmarried will get married, childless will beget children, children will get good results in their exams. Reading can be done either in morning or evening and no specific requirement of fasting to perform this Vratham.
7) This Vratham can be performed in any of the educational institutes. If it is performed in the educational institute owner’s house, the institute would prosper. Every year as soon as the school or college opens, the
teachers can read the five stories to the students, offer bananas to Maa Saraswathi and then distribute the same to the children as prasadam. Those who partake this prasadam would be blessed by Maa. They would study with a lot of interest, they would develop remembrance power and concentration. On any day, (morning around 9.00AM) the teacher can keep the photo of Maa Saraswathi on the table and read the five stories for the students.
8) Before the exams, on any auspicious day the teacher can make the children listen to these five stories, offer bananas as neivedyam. Children who partake this prasadam would get good marks in their exams and pass with distinction.
9) On the day of aksharaa bhyaasam, if one performs this Vratham, their children would be blessed with knowledge and intelligence.
10) Performing the Vratham before attempting any competitive exams would result in achieving success. One can perform this Vratham before attending Interviews and would be succeed in those.
11) There is no requirement for both husband and wife to do the Vratham together. Whenever husband or wife is free they can perform it. If both have time to perform together they can very well do so Under unfortunate circumstances of being a widow or widower even they can, without hesitation, perform the Vratham. Those who perform will be blessed with peace of mind.
12) Childless couple will be blessed with children, if this Vratham is performed on any Friday. If unmarried girls or boys read the book, their marriage would be fixed quickly.
13) One can perform the Vratham or read the book for the benefit of one’s children or relatives if they are unable to do so for any reason (out of country, health problem etc). You can perform or read the book on a Friday in any temple to obtain the blessings of Devi Maa, be it for child, marriage, job, health etc.
14) By performing this Vratham, the natural progression of losing memory power will be stopped and one’s memory would increase. Concentration on the work would be more. There will be mental peace.
15) People who want to be artistically oriented in music, dance, singing or arts should perform the Vratham on any Friday to get maximum results and would earn fame. They will get recognition in their chosen field. Performing the Vratham before the exams in these fields would lead to success.
16) In this way one can perform the Sri Saraswathi Maatha Vratham in any way, on any day to receive the blessings of Maa.

Baasara Gnana Saraswathi Devi

Sri Saraswathi Astothara Shatha Naamaavali:
Om Saraswatyai Namaha
Om Mahabhadraayai Namaha
Om Maha mayaayai Namaha
Om Varapradaayai Namaha
Om Shripradaayasi Namaha
Om Padmanilayaayai Namaha
Om Padmaakshyai Namaha
Om Padma Vaktra kaayai Namaha
Om Shivanujaayai Namaha
Om Pustakabhrite Namaha
Om Gyanamudraayai Namaha
Om Ramaayai Namaha
Om Paraayai Namaha
Om Kaamarupayai Namaha
Om Mahaa Vidyaayai Namaha
Om Mahaa Paataka naashinyai Namaha
Om Mahaa Shrayaayai Namaha
Om Maalinyai Namaha
Om Mahaa Bhogaayai Namaha
Om Mahaa Bhujaayai Namaha
Om Mahaa Bhaagaayai Namaha
Om Mahotsaahayai Namaha
Om Divyangaayai Namaha
Om Suravanditaayai Namaha
Om Mahakaalyai Namaha
Om Mahaapaashaayai Namaha
Om Mahakaaraayai Namaha
Om Chandravadanaayai Namaha
Om Chandralekhavibhushitaayai Namaha
Om Savityai Namaha
Om Surasaayai Namaha
Om Devyai Namaha
Om Divyaalankarabhushitaayai Namaha
Om Vagdevyai Namaha
Om Vasudaayai Namaha
Om Tivraayai Namaha
Om Mahabhadraayai Namaha
Om Mahabalaayai Namaha
Om Bhogadaayai Namaha
Om Bhaaratyai Namaha
Om Bhaamaayai Namaha
Om Govindaayai Namaha
Om Gomatyai Namaha
Om Shivaayai Namaha
Om Jatilaayai Namaha
Om Vindhyavaasayai Namaha
Om Vindhyachalaviraajitayai Namaha
Om Chandikaayai Namaha
Om Vaishnavyai Namaha
Om Brahmayai Namaha
Om Brahmagyanaikasaadhanaayai Namaha
Om Saudaaminyai Namaha
Om Sudhaamurtyai Namaha
Om Subhadraayai Namaha
Om Mahankushaayai Namaha
Om Sitaayai Namaha
Om Vimalaayai Namaha
Om Vishvaayai Namaha
Om Vidyunmalaayai Namaha
Om Vaishnavyai Namaha
Om Chandrikaayai Namaha
Om Brahmajayaayai Namaha
Om Mahaphalaayai Namaha
Om Trayimurtaye Namaha
Om Trikaalagynayai Namaha
Om Trigunaayai Namaha
Om Shaastrarupinyai Namaha
Om Shumbhaasura Pramathinyai Namaha
Om Shubhadaayai Namaha
Om Saratmikaayai Namaha
Om Rakta Beejanihanthryai Namaha
Om Chaamundayai Namaha
Om Ambikaayai Namaha
Om Mundakaayapraharanaayai Namaha
Om Dhoomralochanamardanaayai Namaha
Om Sarvadevathastutayai Namaha
Om Saumyaayai Namaha
Om Suraasura namaskrutaayai Namaha
Om Kaalaraatryai Namaha
Om Kalaadhaaraayai Namaha
Om Roopasaubhaagyadaayinyai Namaha
Om Surapujitaayai Namaha
Om Suvaasinyai Namaha
Om Sunaasaayai Namaha
Om Vinidraayai Namaha
Om Padmalochanaayai Namaha
Om Vidyaarupaayai Namaha
Om Vishaalaakshyai Namaha
Om Vaagdevyai Namaha
Om Varaarohaayai Namaha
Om Varaahyai Namaha
Om Vaarijaasanaayai Namaha
Om Chitraambaraayai Namaha
Om Chitragandhaayai Namaha
Om Chitramalyavibhushitaayai Namaha
Om Kanthaayai Namaha
Om Kaamapradaayai Namaha
Om Vandyaayai Namaha
Om Vidyadharasupoojitayai Namaha
Om Shwetasanaayai Namaha
Om Nilabhujaayai Namaha
Om Chaturvarga Phalapradayai Namaha
Om Chaturaanana Saamraajyaayai Namaha
Om Raktamadhyaayai Namaha
Om Niranjanaayai Namaha
Om Hamsaasanaayai Namaha
Om Nilajanghaayai Namaha
Om Brahmavishnushivaatmikaayai Namaha

Aksharaa Bhyaasam Pooja Mantram:
Saraswathi Namastubhyam Varade Kaamarupini |
Vidhyarambham Karishyami Siddhir Bhavatu Me Sada |
Padmapatra Vishaalakshi Padmakesari Varnani |
Nityam Padmaalayaam Devi Saamaampaatu Saraswathi |
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha Shiromepaatu
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha Phaala Me Paatu
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha Netrayugmam Paatu
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha Naasaam Paatu
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha Jyestam Paatu
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha Dhantam Pankti Paatu
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha Kantam Paatu
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha Paksham Paatu
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha Jihvaagravasinyai Paatu
Om Aim Saraswatyai namaha (3 times)

One has to offer prayer to slate and book with these beejaksharams and then teach
the writing ‘Om Shivaaya Siddham Namaha’

Note:This has to be read when Aksharaa Bhyaasam for a child is done

Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham

First Chapter | Rama Sharma Story:
In olden days there was a village Ramapuram on the banks of River Gautami. A couple named Rama Sharma and Sumathi lived in that village. Rama Sharma was a priest in the Sri Seeta Rama temple of that village. He also used to perform pourohithyam in the houses of villagers when required. The couple were happy except that they were childless. Even after six years of marriage they didn’t have children. They performed a number of Vrathams for begetting children, prayed to a number of Gods, and visited numerous religious places and temples. Still there was no result. They were upset with this matter.

One day a Sage from a distant place came to the village. He stayed along with his followers under a big tree outside the village. Throughout the day he would perform puja and sing bhajans and in the evening he would teach good things to the people. He would not visit anyone’s house even if they forced him to. People believed that the Sage had special powers and that he could read past present and future. After coming to know of this, Rama Sharma along with his wife went to the Sage for his darshan. The couple bowed down to the sage and requested to show them a way to beget children. The Sage closed his eyes for some time, then took a mango and gave it to Sumati. He blessed them saying that the next day was Ekadasi and that she should take bath early in the morning and then eat the mango, and that they would be blessed with a son soon. The couple bowed down to the sage and returned home.

When they reached home they saw that Sumati’s brother and his family were waiting outside the house. Sumati was very happy to see them. She entered into the house and kept the mango safely in a cupboard. They slept very late as they were chit chatting into the night.

As Sumathi’s brother, Krishna Sharma, had to leave home on some work in the morning, she woke up early and cooked food for him. Due to the busy schedule she completely forgot about the mango. Rama Sharma couple remembered about it only at night. So the next day after taking bath Sumathi took the fruit into her hand to eat. She however observed that on one side of the fruit there were ants. She cleaned the fruit and reverently ate it. In her mind she requested pardon from the Sage for forgetting about the fruit. She prayed to all the Gods to bless her with good children. With the blessing of eating the mango Sumathi got pregnant and delivered a beautiful baby boy. They named their son Prabhakar Sharma and brought him up with lot of love and affection. In his fifth year they sent him to Ashram school. As a result of Sumathi neglecting the fruit given by the Sage, Prabhakar Sharma was unable to study even with the best efforts of the teachers. After three years also he was not at all literate. One day, Rama Sharma was upset and with annoyance shouted at him. Prabhakar Sharma was very unhappy with his father’s words. He left the house the next day morning and walked into the forest outside the village. Rama Sharma searched for his son everywhere but could not find him. Prabhakar Sharma roamed in the forest here and there and by nightfall reached an old house. It looked like a temple. As it was getting dark he was scared and decided to stay in the temple. He entered the sanctum sanctorum, cleaned the place and slept to one side.
In the night a Celestial being appeared before him and said ‘Son! I am Saraswathi, the Supreme Goddess of knowledge. You have cleaned my temple which has been neglected from a long time. Today is Vasant Panchami, a very auspicious day. It is very dear to me. You are blessed as you had cleaned my temple on this day. I am granting you all kinds of education and skills. Go to your house in the morning. All good would happen for you’. Saying so She disappeared.

In the morning, as soon as Prabhakar Sharma woke up he saw the divine Maa Saraswathi Idol. He cleaned the temple again and offered his obeisance to the Goddess. Suddenly he was able to recite beautiful poetry and he praised Maa Saraswathi with poems. With Her blessings he reached home and narrated the whole experience to his parents. Rama Sharma couple were very happy. They gathered the village elders and went to the forest in search of depilated temple. Together they cleaned the premises and conducted a big festival. The reading on the walls of the temple indicated that the Saraswathi idol was enshrined by none other than Sri Vyasa Maharshi. In a few years, the temple came to be known as one of the famous Sri Saraswathi Maa temples. Devotees realised that whoever worships Her would be blessed with full knowledge.

Mother Goddess of education and knowledge was born on Magha Suddha Panchami. She is kindness personified for Her devotees. She blessed Her devotee Sri Thimmaraju Viswapati Rama Krishna Murthy on Vaisakha Suddha Panchami
with Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham. If one performs this Vratham in any month on panchami they will get good results. Especially on Vasantha Panchami, if the Vratham stories are read in any Saraswathi temple or any educational institutions and the prasadam is partaken then they would be blessed with abundant knowledge. Offering of Naivedyam can be either banana, sugarcane pieces or jujube fruits. The children of devotees who perform the Vratham would be well educated. They would attain success in all exams. The family would be blessed with prosperity.
|| End of First Chapter ||

Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham

Second Chapter| Divine Story of Gnana Saraswathi Peetam:
On the banks of River Godavari, in Andhra Pradesh, there was a village Mahadevapuram. There used to be a very old Shiva temple in the village. It was believed by the villagers that Brahma himself had enshrined the Shiva Linga in this temple. The people of Mahadevapuram used to help each other and lived peacefully. The village did not have a school and hence children had to go to a faraway place to study. Although the village elders planned a number of times to build a temple they were unable to do so due to various reasons. Every time some or the other hurdle would crop up.

Once a Pandit named Purushotam Shastri came to the village along with his family. Purushotam Shastri was a very knowledgeable person and well versed with all Shastras. The villagers requested him to stay in their village. They pleaded that they would construct a house with all facilities for his family so that he could teach their children. Purushotam Shastri agreed for the proposal. In a few days, a small school started functioning in the village with all the children studying there.

Purushotam Shastri’s school went on well for two years, however from the third year it started facing problems. Somehow the children were unable to study well. Hence the parents slowly started withdrawing the children from the school and sent them to another village. In a span of five years only five children were left in the school. Purushotam Shastri was very unhappy. He realised that he cannot run the school anymore. He however did not want to leave the village also. In the last five years, he had developed affection towards the village and its people.

One day Purushotam Shastri got an idea. He wanted to receive the blessing of Saraswathi Devi who is the Goddess of education. He thought only with Her mercy the school would get back its previous glory. He strongly believed that he had to obtain Her blessing. From the next day he started worshiping Saraswathi Devi by singing Her praises. He also undertook strict fast by eating only fruits and nothing else.

On the fortieth day Saraswathi Maa showed mercy. She appeared in his dream and said ‘Oh Son! Purushotam Shastri! I am pleased with your devotion. I will tell you a way to attain the previous glory for this school. Listen patiently. Son! You perform Gnana Saraswathi Vratham. It is very dear to me. This Vratham is very powerful. Perform this Vratham as soon as possible in the school premises. Due to this, the school would earn a lot of name and fame. Those who read the five stories in the Vratham would be blessed with knowledge. People who perform the Vratham will be blessed with good life. The Vratham can be performed in any school, any

educational institution, any teacher, owner of the educational institutions or even the villagers. If it is performed in any school at least once a year the children of that school would be very knowledgeable and intelligent. They master all skills. They would receive my blessings. They would be blessed with memory power. If any student reads all the five stories before the exams, they would pass with flying colors. The Vratham can be performed in the school in any month on Panchami or Ekadasi. Making the students listen to the five stories would make them achieve good education. They will pass with distinction. If any educational institution performs on ‘Sri Panchami’ the children of that institute would conquer all the exams. That institute would attain a lot of fame and name. Next week is ‘Sri Panchami’. You perform the Vratham in the school. You will be blessed’. Saying so she disappeared. Hearing Devi Maa’s words Purushotam Shastri was very happy. He praised Her in various ways for blessing him. Next day morning he called all the villagers and explained his dream. Everyone was happy to hear it. On Sri Panchami day, with the help of the villagers, Purushotam Shastri, performed Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham on a grand scale. With the Vratham blessing, the school in a few days
picked up and improved. Within a short period it attained the name of good school in the surrounding villages. A few years later it was known as Sri Gnana Saraswathi peetham and later as a big University.

Saraswathi Maa is kind hearted. People who worship Her would be bestowed with education and good behaviour. They would have complete dedication and concentration towards education. They would be blessed with the capacity to absorb what they learn. Memory would increase. As Mother Goddess explained everyone can perform Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham and live happily.
|| End of Second Chapter ||

Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham

Third Chapter | Divine Story of Gopayya:
Once upon a time on the banks of river Krishna there was an Agraharam (name given to the Brahmin quarter of a heterogenous village or to any village inhabited by Brahmins) called Panditapuram. It was occupied by a number of Brahmin families. There was a big veda school in the agraharam. Children from neighbouring villages also used to come and study here. Children who studied in this school had earned a lot of fame as they became masters in various shastras. People used to believe that Maa Saraswathi lived in this school. The school was so well known.

There were a number of teachers and children in the school. Veerayya used to sweep and clean the school every day. The school was located in a very big area, spread across almost five acres. In the premises there was a beautiful Hayagriva statue (a horse-headed avatar of the Lord Vishnu) and in the prayer hall there was a very nice statue of Saraswathi Devi. Everyday morning children would offer prayers to Saraswathi Devi in the prayer hall, followed by Lord Hayagriva in the compound and then go to their classes.

Veerayya used to clean the prayer hall every day. Veerayya’s son Gopayya who was three years old also used to accompany him. Gopayya used to go around the whole school along with his father. He was very much attracted to the divine Saraswathi Devi statue. He was mesmerised with the love and affection that was visible in the eyes of Devi Maa. Everyday morning he would sit in front of the statue and stare at it.

In a few years he was five years old. He saw that children of his age were going to school. He also wanted to study. However, he learnt from his father that it would not be feasible. He used to go around the school every day along with his father and if he saw any books he would offer prayers to them. Some children used to throw their books here and there. Gopayya would reverently pick them up and set them aside properly. Spending his time in the school he became twelve years old. During the day he used to help his father in the fields. In the morning he alone would clean the whole school premises. At the end he would pray to the Saraswathi Maa statue. He
used to pray her to bless him to study in the same school in his next birth. Observing him everyday Mother Goddess was pleased, She decided to bless him.

One day a Pandit from Kanchipuram came to the school. In his honour, the next day a big meeting was arranged. That day morning along with his father Gopayya cleaned the meeting place very nicely. After some time, the whole place was filled with Veda Pandits, Veda school teachers and students. The Kanchipuram Pandit was honoured as a special guest. Gopayya was observing all this from a distance with a lot of interest. Various Pandits spoke on different shastras. Lastly the Pandit from Kanchipuram went on to the dias and spoke on different subjects. At the end of his speech he posed a question on grammar and requested the attendees to answer
the same. He said that he had asked the same question in many Veda meetings but no one could answer it. Everyone listened to the problem silently, however none of the Pandits, teachers or students could answer the same.

At that moment Maa Saraswathi wanted to bless Gopayya. Immediately, Gopayya who was standing very far said in a loud voice ‘I have the answer to the problem’. Everyone was shocked to hear it. Before anyone could object Gopayya clearly explained the solution to the problem posed by the Pandit. Everyone was stunned. Shocking everyone, there was a voice from the Saraswathi statue saying ‘Children! Gopayya has a lot of interest in education. Even though he does not know any slokas, he always worshipped me. Now I have blessed him with all knowledge’. People present there were ashamed of their ego and honoured Gopayya who was blessed by Saraswathi Maa. In a few years Gopayya was known as a good Scholar and he trained a number of students under his guidance.

Maa Saraswathi is very kind hearted. Those who constantly pray to her will be blessed with knowledge of all shastras. They will achieve success in all exams and all tasks. We offer our obeisance to Her.
|| End of Third Chapter ||

Sri Saraswathi Mata

Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham

Fourth Chapter | Divine Story of Shankara Shastri:
Once upon a time on the banks of river Ganga there was a city named Maheswarapuram. There was a huge Shiva temple in the city and there was also a well-known music college. Children from not only the neighbouring villages but also from distant places used to come to this college to study music. The teachers in the college were experts in various forms of music. Especially very knowledgeable professors were employed there. The Principal of the college, Sri Rama Sharma was well known in the Hindustani music.

Sri Rama Sharma’s son was Shankara Shastri. Sri Rama Sharma always wished to make his son a very accomplished Veena player (expert in playing veena). After the primary education, he joined his son in his college for learning veena. To master veena and write the exams one has to study for five years. Shankara Shastri completed the five years but could not pass the exams. Sri Rama Sharma was very unhappy with this.

After one year, Shankara Shastri again attempted the exam. Again he failed. Sri Rama Sharma thought he was not destined to see his son as a veena scholar. When Shankara Shastri failed in his third attempt, Sri Rama Sharma was very disappointed. Unfortunately he was affected with paralysis and was bedridden. He was worried that he would die without seeing his son’s success. Shankara Shastri was unhappy and decided at any cost he had to clear the exams. Every day morning he would go to the banks of River Ganga with his veena and practise very hard. Throughout his practice he would only think of Saraswathi Maa. After 40 days, Saraswathi maa who was watching his dedication wanted to bless him, hence She appeared before him and said ‘Oh Son! I am pleased with your dedication. Tomorrow perform Gnana Saraswathi Vratham. You will not only pass with distinction but also in the future you will be known as great scholar’. She explained the process of the Vratham and disappeared. Shankara Shastri was extremely happy with the blessing of mother Goddess and sang praises of Her. He returned home and explained everything to his father. Sri Rama Sharma was very happy that Maa Saraswathi had finally blessed his son.

Next day morning Shankara Shastri woke up early in the morning, took bath and performed Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham. After the Vratham, he played veena for an hour praising Mother Goddess. Suddenly a miracle happened. Due to the divine waves from the divine veena, Sri Rama Sharma was completely cured of his paralysis. He got up from bed and perfectly healthy. Seeing the blessing, all the family members sang praises of Saraswathi Maa and later ate the Vratha prasadam.

In the next exam Shankara Shastri passed with distinction. In a few years’ time he earned the name as a very learned scholar. His father’s dream was fulfilled. The family continued worshipping Maa Saraswathi and finally attained salvation. Maa Saraswathi is very kind hearted. She would bless Her devotees who worship her with belief and devotion. She blessed her devotee, Sri Thimmaraju Viswapati Rama Krishna Murthy with the Gnana Saraswathi Vratham which is very powerful. Devotees who perform this would attain mastery in all types of arts. They would achieve name and fame as artists, musicians and learned and knowledgeable people. Our obeisance to Mother Goddess.
|| End of Fourth Chapter ||

Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham

Fifth Chapter | Divine Story of Bharadwaja:
In the olden days, a Brahmin called Koudinya used to live on the banks of river Godavari. He was very pious and used to spend all his time meditating on God. He used to perform pourohityam as was his family tradition and used to earn a little for his living and was happy with it. He was known to be a good person amongst the villagers. Together the villagers built a small house for him. He used to live happily in that house along with his wife and son.

Although everything was fine, Koundinya was unhappy. His son Bharadwaj was not studying well. Although Bharadwaj knew he had to follow the family tradition of pourohityam for his livelihood, he was still unable to study. He always used to pass only in third class and finally reached the fifth year in his veda school. He has to complete seven more years, only then he will be completely knowledgeable. However, every year he used to score very less marks in his exams. Koundinya was very worried.

In a week’s time the fifth year exams would start. This exam would be harder than the previous four years. Koundinya was worried whether his son would pass the exams or not. The servant of the neighboring village Landlord came to him and said ‘Sir! Our village Landlord had asked you to come at 6am day after tomorrow. He is performing Saraswathi Vratham and asked you to conduct it’. Koundinya thought ‘Saraswathi Vartam? I have never heard about it. Any way I will learn once I go there’.

So the day after, Koundinya woke up early in the morning, took bath, wore clean clothes and reached the neighboring village Landlord’s house by 6am. The Landlord told Koundinya ‘Swamy! I have heard of this Gnana Saraswathi Vratham only last week. Last Saturday I went to Ramapuram on some work which is ten miles from here. There I saw the Vratham being performed in someone’s house. If one performs the Vratham their children would be blessed with good education, knowledge and behaviour. I have learnt the procedure for the Vratham. I request you to make us conduct the Vratham. My children are wayward. They do not have any values and obedience. I hope that by performing the Gnana Saraswathi Vratham their behaviour would change.’

Koundinya made the couple perform Gnana Saraswathi Vratham. The stories of the Vratham were wonderful. While reading the stories Koundinya could see Saraswathi Maa standing in front of him. After the Vratham, he packed some prasadam, took leave from the Landlord and returned home. He shared Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratha prasadam with his wife and son. Bharadwaj ate the prasadam with reverence.

As Bharadwaj ate prasadam from the miraculous Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham, he was blessed by Devi Maa and wrote the fifth year exams well. As soon as the exams were completed, Koundinya along with his wife and son performed Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham at his home. Due to the blessings, Bharadwaj passed the exams in first class. Koundinya was extremely happy that at last Maa Saraswathi had showered Her blessings. From then on, every year they performed Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham without fail. Bharadwaj passed in first class the rest of the seven years. He was known as a knowledgeable Scholar. Every year the family used to perform Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham and lived happily.

Sri Gnana Saraswathi Vratham is very powerful. It is very easy to perform the Vratham. Every year if the educational institutes perform this Vratham, the students from that institute would prosper. They would all pass in first class. They would also be well behaved. They would be cultured and would lead a righteous life. They would be placed in high positions. The Vratham blessed by Sri Gnana Saraswathi Maa to Sri Thimmaraju Viswapathi Rama Krishna Murthy is the easiest way to attain success in education. Let us humbly prostate before Mother Goddess who has blessed us with such an easy Vratham.
|| End of Fifth Chapter ||

Sri Gnana Saraswathi Prayer:
Shudham Brahma vichara Saara Parmamadyam Jagadvyapineem |
Veena Pustaka Dhaarineem Abhayadaam Jadyaandhakaaraa paha |
Haste Sphaatika maalikaam Vidadhateem Padmasane Samsthitam |
Vandethaam Parmeshvareem Bhagawateem Buddhihi pradaam Shaaradaam॥
Yaa Kundendu Tusharahara Dhavala Yaa Shubhra Vastranvita |
Yaa Veena Varadanda Manditakaraa Yaa Shweta Padmasana |
Yaa Brahmachyuta Shankara prabritibihi devaih Sadaa Vanditaa |
Saamaam Paatu Saraswathi Bhagavatee Nishesha Jaadyapahaa॥
Yaa Maayaa Madhu-Kaittabha-Pramadhanii Yaa Maahishonmoolinii |
Yaa Dhuumreksshana-danda Munndda-Madhanii Yaa Rakta beejaasinii |
Shaktih Shumbha-Nishumbha-Daitya Dalinii Yaa Siddhalakshmii Paraa |
Saa Chandee Nava Kotti Moorthy Sahitaa Maam Paathu Vishveshwarii ॥
Siddha Lakshmi, Moksha Lakshmi, Jaya Lakshmi, Saraswathi |
Sri Lakshmi, Vara Lakshmischa, Prasanna Mama Sarvadaa ॥
Sarva Mangala Maangalye Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike |
Sharannye Tryia Ambake Gauri Naaraayanni Namostute ||
Sharadhindhu Samaakare Parabrahma Swarupini |
Vaasaraa Peeta nilaye Saraswathi Namosthuthe ||

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