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How to do Sri Maheswara Vratham

1) This book can be read by anyone, anytime. There is no limitation of age, caste or creed. It can be read by both men and women, in any month or any day without consulting Panchangam.

2) It is very auspicious to read on the days of Monday, Ekadasi, Pournami, or Arudra nakshatram.

3) If one observes the Vratham on all the Mondays of Kartika month they will overcome sins of previous births and will attain punyam. There is no requirement to fast when observing the Vratham.

4) Before starting the Vratham offer obeisance to Lord Ganapati, Navagrahas and Astadikpalakas. After that you can state in your mind your name, names of your family members and gotram. Read the Astotram of Parvati Devi and Maheswara. After the Adhanga puja, read the five stories of this book and finally offer any fruits as Naivedyam.

5) There is no requirement for both husband and wife to do the Vratham together. Whenever husband or wife is free they can perform it. If both have time to perform together they can very well do so.

6) Under unfortunate circumstances of being a widow or widower even they can, without hesitation, perform the Vratham. Those who perform will be blessed with peace of mind.

7) One can overcome all health issues by reading all the five stories on every Monday and offering either banana or guava as naivedyam. This naivedyam has to be eaten by the person. They will not face any dangers and overcome fear of death. If one can’t read they can just hear the stories read by others to get the same benefit.

8) If Archakas of Maheswara temple read the Vratham on every Monday in the temple, the temple will become a divine kshetram and attain glory. Devotees
will be blessed by Lord Shiva for a happy and prosperous life.

shiva Shankara

9) All the previous birth’s sins will be vanquished, if the Vratham is performed by anyone in the Jyothir Linga Kshetras or Divya Kshetras of Lord Shiva. All their health issues will be resolved as soon as one performs the Vratham in these places. They will be blessed with long life and glow with lustre.

10) Childless couple should read the book in any temple continuously for three days starting Monday to Wednesday. They will definitely be blessed by children. Unmarried girls and boys should also follow the same ritual for early marriage.

11) One can perform the Vratham or read the book for the benefit of one’s children or relatives if they are unable to do so by any reason (out of country, health problem etc). You can perform or read on consecutive days in Shiva temple to obtain the blessings of Lord Shiva, be it for child, marriage, job, health etc.

12) Whenever feasible perform the Vratham with the help of a purohit. He can perform the Vratham by kalasa stapana and invoking asta dikpalakas, nava grahas and demi gods for maximum benefit.

13) In this way one can perform the Maheswara Vratham in any way, on any day to receive the blessings of Lord Shiva.

How to do Sri Maheswara Vratham

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