Mahabubnagar Temples

Sri Jammulamma Devatha Devasthanam, Jammiched, Gadwal Mehabubnagar

Goddess Ammavaru worshipped as Goddess Jammulamma had risen from the Earth in Jammiched village. The Goddess had been worshipped by the Pandavas. There are also evidences that the Gadwala rulers also worshiped the Goddess Ammavaru.

The construction of the Goddess Ammavaru temple in Jammulamma villages is based on a legendary story of ancient time. It is said that a farmer who had been looking for stone to plough his land properly. He found a stone in his land itself and used the same on the plough for his purpose. In the evening when the task was over, he thought of keeping the stone so that he could use it the next day. So he kept the stone and the plough together with the oxen and went for sleep. The next morning he was surprised to find the stone gone. He looked for it everywhere and finally found it in the same place where he had originally found it. Again he took the stone and used it and kept it along with the plough in the evening. The incident repeated and he again got the stone in the original place itself. This time he thought of keeping a watch all night. To his awe, after midnight, he saw the stone that he had kept on the plough turning into a lady in white clothes and moving to the original place and again getting transformed into the stone. He could not believe what he had seen and narrated the incident to the villagers. This time he was accompanied by the villagers to watch the incident. The villagers also saw the transforming of the stone to the lady. They concluded that it was Goddess Ammavaru who had been in the village and it was because of the blessing of the Goddess that the village used to have good harvest year by year. Hence the construction of the temple in the village.

Location and Reach:

Road: The destination is 13 kms from Erravalli X Roads and 3 kms from Gadwal. One may take the Hyderabad to Erravalli X Road on NH-7 to reach the destination. It is 100 kms from Mahabubnagar and 60 km from Kurnool.
Rail: The nearest railway station is located at Gadwal is 2 km away fromJammulamma.
Air: The nearest Airport is International Airport at Shamshabad at Hyderabad.

Special Days of Attraction and Visitors Flow:

Devotees generally visit the temple on Tuesdays and Fridays. On special occasions and festivals the temple gets overcrowded with tourists as well. Devotees also visit with families to celebrate marriages, births, tonsure ceremonies and other family functions.


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  • Sir, Nice Post and thank you very much for your valuable information provided for Hindus in this site. Kindly let me know when Jamulamma Jatara 2018 will begin in February,18. I am from Hyderabad and have been last year and this year i wish to visit during this Jatara time. Keep positing information please about Ammavaru.

    Thank & Regards,

    G.Chandra Shekhar

    • Dear Chandra
      For present we do not have the details. As soon as we get it we will let you know it.
      Om Namah Shivaya