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Sri Kurumurthy Swamy Temple Mahabubnagar Second Tirupathi Telangana

Kurumurthy Temple Timings:
9.30 am to 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Kurupathi Sri Kurumurthy Srinivas Swamy Temple is also called as Second Tirupathi.

Sri Kurumurthy Srinivas Swamy Temple, considered as one of the oldest temples in Telangana is a major attraction to the devotees of Lord Vishnu, else known as Lord Venkateshwara. The temple is known for its spiritual history and the traditions being followed here.

Sri Kurumurthy Swamy

Temple Location:
This 630 years old temple built in 1350 AD is located on Kurupathi Hills in Ammapur village, Mahbubnagar. Which is 32 kms away from Gadwal town.

Temple History :
The existence of the temple on the hills is associated with the story of Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi asking Lord Srinivasa to make His presence felt on the hills so the devotees are able to offer the prayers to the Almighty. So to please the Goddess, Lord manifested himself on the Kurupathi Hills.

Meaning of the Place:
The name Kurupathi refers to three words in Telugu dialect, ‘Kuru’ means ‘to do’, ‘Matim’ referring to ‘mind’ and ‘pati’ meaning ‘husband’. Hence this refers to the place where the Lord resides. The image of the Lord had been in the caves for almost 630 years till Sri Mukkara Chandra Reddy constructed a temple in the hills and placed the image there. The temple was further renovated by Sri Ramabhupal and KothaKapulu.

Sri Kurumurthy Swamy Temple

Story Behind the Place:
Lord Srinivasa made his presence felt in the seven hills of Kurupathi i.e. Swethadri, Ekadri, Durgadri, Ghanadri, Ballukadri, Patagadri and at the last Daivatadri. Daivatadri is the place where the temple has been constructed. The story of the appearance of the Lord is very much similar to that in Tirumala Tirupathi.

Temple Architecture:
The temple has been built in a magnificent architectural style. The entrance has a huge Gopuram. There are 200 steps leading to the main temple, though the pilgrims can also go by their vehicles.
A few interesting facts about the Self Manifested Kurumurthy temple which is also known as the second Tirupati. One had to crawl down to reach the main temple till some time back as it was in the form of a cave. What we see today is a reconstructed form.

One can have darshans of Lord Anjaneya and Lord Chennakeseva before reaching the main temple of Lord Srinivasa.
The chappals presented to the Lord made by the villagers of Vaddeman village are kept in Uddala Mandapa. Every year a new pair is made by the devoted shoemaker of this village who prepares it while fasting and feeding only on milk for three days. These chappals are presented to the Lord in a procession held during Diwali.

The Kurumurthy Jathara or Kurumurthy Swamy Brahmostavam, the annual congregation is considered the biggest such Jatharas in the Mehaboobnagar district. The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) arranges special buses to the temple during the period.

How to Reach the Place:
By Road: One can easily reach the Kurumurthy Temple by many public and private transport services from the Gadwal Town. The temple is 32 kms from the town and takes around 1hour 20 mins to reach.

Besides, one can also board the State Transport buses from the nearby towns, Wanaparthy and Mahbubnagar that take them straight to the Kurupathi temple.

By Train: One may also board the train and get down at the Gadwal Railway Station is located on the Mahbubnagar -Kurnool railway line. One can get the local buses from the railway station to reach the Kurumurthy Temple.

By Air: The Shamshabad Airport, Hyderabad is 141 Kms away. However in case one is visiting from a neighbouring state, one can use the air transport to reach Hyderabad. From here, one can reach the Kurupati Temple by boarding the train or any other public transport.

Distance to Kurupathi :
From Hyderabad to Kurumurthy Swamy Temple is 143 Kms ( takes approx. 3 hours to reach)
From Gadwal tow is 43 Kms
From Mahbubnagar town is 62 Kms
From Wanaparthy is 34 Kms

Where to Stay:
There is no provision of staying in the temple area. One may just visit the temple to seek blessings and move back to the proper town.
The pilgrims can stay in the nearby towns of Mahbubnagar or Gadwal. They would get easy transport to reach the temple from here.
One of the famous hotels in Gadwal as suggested by the visiting pilgrims is the Hotel International. The address of the hotel:
The Hotel International, Gadwal town, Telangana PIN-509125.
Contact: 09849304950

Best Time to Visit:
The much popular annual festival Brahmostavam (Kurumurthy Jathara) is held during Diwali every year. This festival is celebrated for 19 days by the people with much fanfare. This is also the festival when the new pair of chappals is presented to the Lord. This is the best time to visit the temple and seek blessing of the Lord.

Temple Address:
Kurumurthy Swamy Temple
Kurumurthy Village,
Near Ammapur Village,
Chinnachintakunta Mandal,
Mahbubnagar District
Telangana 509110

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