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Home / Hindu Mantras / Ashtottara Shatanamavali / Sri Sarasvati Devi Namavali | 108 Names of Sree Saraswati | Different Names of Sarasvati

Sri Sarasvati Devi Namavali | 108 Names of Sree Saraswati | Different Names of Sarasvati

About Goddess Saraswati Devi:

After creating the cosmic universe, Lord Brahma realized that he lacked forms, concepts and orders. He felt lost and needed help organizing the universe. He decided to create the very incarnation of knowledge to help him in this Herculean task and the goddess Saraswati emerged from his mouth. She taught him how to create order in the cosmos, as we know it. The sun, the moon and the stars are born. The oceans have emerged and the seasons have changed. The brave Brahma then called Saraswati – Vagdevi, the goddess of speech and sound. Thus, Lord Brahma became the Creator of the world with Saraswati as a source of wisdom.

Another legend tells how the goddess Saraswati found the living Somras Gandharvas without war. Gandharvas are thought to be demi-gods from the fragrance of flowers. They stole the Soma plant from the gods, because it was believed that its dizzying and invigorating sap made the devas invasive. This angered the gods, but the goddess Saraswati promised to recover the plant without a fight. She entered the garden of Gandharvas and began to create beautiful music with his veena: the charming melodies of ragas and raginis. Hypnotized, the Gandharvas asked for music and the goddess Saraswati agreed to teach them if they returned the Soma plant. As a result, the gods got back their Soma plant and the Gandharvas learned music to become celestial musicians whose melodies could awaken the mind like no other intoxicating.

While Brahma and goddess Saraswati are considered the creators of the universe, few people know that they have never enjoyed domestic happiness. Legends say that it emerged from the forehead of his father, Brahma. When Brahma saw the beautiful Saraswati, he fell in love with her beauty and intelligence. Goddess Saraswati did not like his lust, so she decided to escape his gaze. But no matter which direction she was moving, Brahma had another head just to look at her. One head pushed in each direction and one especially, so he had 5 heads to be able to see anywhere.

This distressed goddess Saraswati cursed a lot and she cursed Lord Brahma for having too few temples to worship him. When the lust of Brahma began to change the order of the world, Lord Shiva intervened as Bhairava, Lord of Terror. When Bhairava tore the fifth Brahma head, he returned to himself. He needed to make a yagna to clean himself, but he needed a woman for that. So Brahma took Saraswati as his wife. However, she remained distant and distracted since the marriage was out of duty, and the two never enjoyed marital happiness.

Shri Sarasvati Devi Namavali:

om sarasvatyai namah | maha-bhadrayai | maha-mayayai | vara-pradayai | sripradayai | padma-nilayayai | padmaksyai | padma-vaktrakayai | sivanujayai | pustaka-bhrte || 10 ||

jnana-mudrayai | ramayai | parayai | kama-rupayai | maha-vidyayai | mahapataka- nasinyai | maha-srayayai | malinyai | maha- bhogayai | maha-bhujayai || 20 ||

maha-bhagayai | mahotsahayai | divyangayai | sura-vanditayai | maha-kalyai | maha-pasayai | maha-karayai | mahankusayai | pidayai | vimalayai ||30||

visvayai | vidyun-malayai | vaisnavyai | candrikayai | candra-vadanayai | candralekha-vibhusitayai | savitryai | surasayai | devyai | divyalankara-bhusitayai || 40 ||

vag-devyai | vasudayai | tivrayai | maha-bhadrayai | maha-balayai | bhoga-dayai | bharatyai | bhamayai | govindayai | gomatyai || 50 ||

sivayai | jatilayai | vindhya-vasayai | vindhyacala-virajitayai | candikayai | vaisnavyai | brahmyai | brahma-jnanaika-sadhanayai | saudamanyai | sudhamurtyai || 60 ||

subhadrayai | sura-pujitayai | suvasinyai | sunasayai | vinidrayai | padmalocanayai | vidya-rupayai | visalaksyai | brahma-jayayai | maha-phalayai || 70 ||

trayi-murtaye | trikala-jnayai | tri-gunayai | sastra-rupinyai | sambhasura pramathinyai | subha-dayai | svaratmikayai | rakta-bija-nihantryai | camundayai | ambikayai || 80 ||

mundakaya-praharanayai | dhumra-locana-madanayai | sarva-deva stutayai | saumyayai | surasura-namaskrtayai | kala-ratryai | kala-dharayai | rupasaubhagya-dayinyai | vagdevyai | vararohayai || 90 ||

varahyai | varijasanayai | citrambarayai | citra-gandhayai | citra-malyavibhusitayai | kantayai | kama-pradayai | vandyayai | vidya-dhara-supujitayai | svetananayai || 100 ||

nila-bhujayai | catur-varga-phala-pradayai | caturanana-samrajyayai | raktamadhyayai | niranjanayai | hamsasanayai | nila-janghayai | brahma-visnusivatmikayai || 108 ||

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