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Srisailam Sakshi Ganapathi Temple Timings, History

Srisailam Sakshi Ganapathi Temple is a small shrine located at a distance of about 2 km from Srisailam Jyotirlinga  Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple which has attracted pilgrims for a long time. It is traditionally believed that Sri Ganesha in this temple keeps a regular account of all its devotees and marks the evidence (Sakshyam) of their visit to this temple, and hence he is named Sakshi Ganapathi. The idol of Ganapathy in this temple is shown as holding a book in his left hand and a pen in his right hand as if he is noting down the names of devotees.

About Srisailam Sakshi Ganapathi Temple

Srisailam Sakshi Ganapathi stands as a magnificent sculpture crafted from ebony stone. Gracefully poised, his trunk curls to the left, appearing as though it meticulously inscribes the names of the faithful pilgrims who venture to Srisailam. These devoted individuals, who pay homage to the sacred site of Srisailam, seek the blessings of Sakshi Ganapathi and humbly disclose their ancestral lineage.

The Aagamas intricately describe the profound significance of Sakshi Ganapathi, who embodies the essence of time. Time serves as the ultimate observer, bearing witness to all events and holding indisputable evidence of each passing second. Sakshi Ganapathi symbolizes this concept, observing the actions of individuals and preserving a record of their deeds, ultimately bestowing upon them the consequences they deserve, be it favorable or unfavorable. The comforting knowledge that someone holds proof of our virtuous actions allows us to lead a peaceful existence. Even when we may forget, Sakshi Ganapathi never fails to remember. Such is the divine nature of this deity, possessing the power to influence countless destinies.

While Lord Ganesh revered his parents as his entire world, Kumaraswamy revealed the profound truth that the entire world is permeated with the divine energy of Shiva-Shakti. Lord Shiva, the Father, and Goddess Parvathi, the Mother of the world, embodying all their divine powers, embark on a sacred journey to Earth’s Kailasa, the central abode of the universe, which becomes their new sanctuary known as Srisaila Kshetram. Accompanying them on this journey, Ganapathi also takes up residence in Srisailam, aligning his presence with the divine energies of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

The present idol on display at this location was installed approximately 35 years ago. In the past, there existed an ancient idol that has since been replaced with a new one. To create the sanctum where the idol is currently situated, the 16 columns of the front-facing hall, as well as the four columns of the inner hall, have been enclosed by walls. The front wall, constructed with cement, bears inscriptions of Naradatumbarulu.

On the exterior of the sanctum, there are cement sculptures depicting NatyaGanapathi and Shivarchana on three sides. Interestingly, this particular form of Ganapathi is not mentioned in the Skanda Puranas or other Puranic texts. To facilitate the spiritual journey of devotees, the Devasthanam has organized the Paroksha seva, allowing them to participate in the Ganapathi homam conducted at this sacred site. Additionally, daily prayers and rituals are performed here. It is kindly requested that all devotees adhere to the regulations set by the Devasthanam and offer their worship to the ancient and significant Sakshi Ganapathi at Srisailam Sarvam.

  • Devotees can spend some time praying to Sri Ganesh the God of happiness or by meditation.
  • Sakshi Ganapathi Temple Entry Ticket is free for Adults, Children and Foreigners.
  • It is believed that a visit to Srisailam goes unrecorded if a devotee doesn’t visit Sakshi Ganapati Temple.
  • Here the lord is in a sitting posture and seriously writing the names of the devotees who visit the Srisailam temple.
  • Telugu poet Kavi Sarvabhauma Shreenaatha (1365 – 1441) mentioned the name of Sakshi Ganapathi temple in his book Kasikhandam and Sage Agasthya is said to have visited this temple during his journey toward the South.
  • The black idol of the Lord is shown holding a book in the left hand and a stylus in the right hand.
  • The old Ganesh idol was replaced 30 years ago with the prest seen idol.Sakshi Ganapathi Srisailam

Sakshi Ganesha Temple Timings: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Srisailam Ganesh Temple Address:

Sakshi Ganapathi,
Andhra Pradesh – 518101.

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