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St. John’s Church Secunderabad | Hyderabad Tourism | Famous Church in Telangana

Originally the church was known as Anglican Church and now it became a part of the Church of south India. It was one of the oldest churches situated in secunderabad.

The St. John’s Church was built in the year 1818 A.D in the style of Indo-European architecture followed with bold lines. A separate belfry was added by the well-known Philanthropist Dewan Bahadur seth Ramgopal in 1923. This church was very beautiful and has proportioned white colour of the church shows the simplicity conceals with a glorious interior. There was rich wooden ceiling on the top, they repaired and restored the pews and altar. There were a freshly painted columns and walls which contrast gives stunning attraction. This protection effort shows the love and affection of the people on the building.

To construct the church they got full liberty from the Roman Emperor in 330 A.D. When the Christians got permission they felt happy and built an exceptional form of architecture. They used religious artists and craftsmen using their innovation and imagination composed with pleasant anthems in sculpted pieces ,poetry in wood work and chorales in the brilliantly stained glass windows. After fifteen hundred years in 1813 the Christians got permission to construct the church in secunderabad. After the few years the church of St. John the Baptist was consecrated.

Cruciform in form the Rangoon teak wood ceiling was supported by sleek columns designed consistent with a strict rule and order called the ‘Tuscan Order’, that could be a simplified version of the ‘Doric Order’. It served the religious wants of land Forces stationed at Lancer’s Line, Secunderabad and Rev. J. Brachenbury was the primary reverend. Military Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, troopers of land Army, idolised at St. John’s Church, as further more the Railway Officers of the Nizam’s secure State Railway. Indian Christians alongside many British civilians were accommodated within the South wing of the Church. The continuity of St. John’s church was organised by the Military Engineering Service.

St. John’s Church, SecunderabadIn 1914 the electrical lighting’s arrangement was created and therefore the pankahs created manner for the dome only in the year 1918. After completing the war in 1914 the aisles and open areas were covered with Minton tiles ornaments were laced. Marble steps were arranged from the area to the Sanctuary and new telescopic brass altar rails were erected. One tends to overlook, at the foot of the Altar, close to the brass rail, three circular items of art floor that covers the complete floor with Minton tiles of the Pascal Lamp and therefore the symbols Alpha and Omega on either aspect.

The Military band that was presented at the Parade Services on Sundays and which had the impact of pleasing the voices leading to the faith having no impulse to sing against the band. The Organ as associate degree followed to the Parade Services resulted during a real hearty response within the singing. Therefore the pipe organ became associate degree of integral part of the St. John’s Church.

Secunderabad St. John’s Church Address:

St John’s Road,
East Marredpally,
Telangana – 500026.

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