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St. Mary’s Church Secunderabad | Hyderabad Tourism | Famous Church in Telangana

In 1847 15th august Bishop Murphy laid the foundation of the church before the India’s independence. During the middle of 19th century it was constructed by Irish soldiers of the British army stationed at secunderabad cantonment. There was an fascinating note of construction of the church which was also a conquest against the dictates of the Viceroy Lord Dalhousie, who wanted the Irish priest Bishop Daniel Murphy was eliminated. The style of construction marked the victory of the Bishop in successfully getting the viceroy’s order rescinded.

The St.Mary’s church was an optimum example of early use of Gothic architecture in India. It was explained as an ‘English Perpendicular Gothic’. When the trend was shifting from ‘pattern book architecture the ‘English perpendicular Gothic was constructed with lively style in conformity the vice architectural trends in Europe. In the frontage of the church there was alluring facade composed of tall tower formed of soaring spires. There was a binding wall between the spires removed just short of the pinnacle and is crested with a crenelated parapet. When the church was constructed it dominated the skyline area, there was an imposing scale compensates for the plain elevation and lends grandeur to the building.

Even though there was no embellishment on the front side of the church. It was located on a small hillock. This church was specially constructed to honour Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth and was dedicated to her. It was one of the famous mansions of Mother Mary in India, at the entrance of the church there was a beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This church was located at the busy road of Sarojini Devi Road, secunderabad. In the year 1950 fatima visit the pilgrim statue and has celebrated the principles of the stormy at the time.
St. Mary’s Church, Secunderabad

Mass Service & Worship Details at Secunderabad Church:

Sunday Mass Services:
6:00 am Holy Mass in Tamil
7:00 am Holy Mass in English
8:15 am Holy Mass in Telugu
9:30 am Holy Mass in English
11:30 am Holy Mass in English
5:00 pm Holy Mass in English
6:00 pm Holy Mass in English

Parish Office Timings:
Week Days: 9.30 AM To 1.00 PM

Week Days Mass Services:
6.00 AM Holy Mass
6.00 PM Holy Mass

Ministry Of Reconciliation:
4.00 PM to 6.00 PM Saturday

Services For Children:
8.30 AM Children’s Cathecism
9.30 AM Holy Mass for Children

Charismatic Praise And Worship:
6.00 PM to 8.30 PM on 1st friday by Rev.Fr.Benny(svd),Muthangi team

Secunderabad St. Mary’s Church Address:
Sarojini Devi Road,
Telangana – 500003.
Phone: 040 2780 2004

St. Mary’s Church Secunderabad | Hyderabad Tourism | Famous Church in Telangana

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