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Heritage Buildings Telangana

Shoukat Mansion Hyderabad | Telangana Tourism

The all masjid were differently named and built in the premises of Hussainiy Dewdi Nawad Shoukat Jung Hussam U d Doulah garden surroundings. E Hussam Ud Doula masjid was built by Dewdi Shoukat Jung Bahadurnawab Shoukat Jung. In the ancient time masjid imlibun masjid was known as masjid e doulat. The shabbir masjid was built […]

Mahboobia Girls High School & Junior College, Madraasa-E-Aliya Hyderabad

About Madraasa-E-Aliya Hyderabad: Mahboobia Girls High School & Junior College Madraasa-E-Aliya is situated at Gun foundry, Hyderabad. The list of key people played a role in the establishment of this school are the nightingale of India Sri Sarojini Naidu, Begum Khadiv Jung and Lady Amina Hydri, Mumtaz Yarud-dowla, Mrs. Sorabji Jamshedji and Mrs. Nandy. These people together approached […]

Paigah Palace Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

“Paigah Palace”, the palatial heritage building was present using as an office of work place for Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA). It is one of the clusters of palaces. Standing between a vast wooded area spread 150 acres. It was acceptable as a result of HUDA and has discovered the addition of regulation 13th to […]

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