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Taj Mahal Hotel (Old Block), Abids | Nizam Heritage Buildings

The Taj Maha Hotel was established in 1930’s in the old block and it was constructed in the style of Indo-European architecture. In olden days it was built as a small Bungalow.

It was built on a plinth of dressed granite. There was a square portico with semicircular arches which influence the frontage. The basic lines were very pure and simple. The central portion was bounded by octagonal rooms. We can see a number of windows and ventilators with sloping tiled sunshades. The building was protect sensitively and with a building was constructed in a good structure with good condition.

This embellishment is completely restricted to parapet and also the pediment. But, the screens that are perforated and the plasters that are cut during the decoration in the stuck and the crown that is otherwise the structure of the Spartans.

All the utilities and the signage are all carefully designed on this building and these are designed to enhance the beauty instead of spoiling it. Care has been taken to protect the grace of the building also. These are all attached in a retractable manner so that they will not disturb any of the elements that belong to the building. Even they blend with these elements of the building.

The campus of the Taj Mahal hotel is considered as big in the case of a budget hotel. The facades are all blended with the Victorian splendour that is with an eland of the modern times, it is neo ethnic. This hotel is known for the rooms that are furnished well and are all done in a vintage look and are very spacious which will be worthy to the money.Taj Mahal Hotel, Abids

Taj Mahal Hotel Address:

# 4-1-999,
Abid Road,
Telangana – 500001.
Phone: 040 2475 8250

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