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Shoukat Mansion Hyderabad | Telangana Tourism

The all masjid were differently named and built in the premises of Hussainiy Dewdi Nawad Shoukat Jung Hussam U d Doulah garden surroundings. E Hussam Ud Doula masjid was built by Dewdi Shoukat Jung Bahadurnawab Shoukat Jung. In the ancient time masjid imlibun masjid was known as masjid e doulat. The shabbir masjid was built in the site of his palace. After the rule of Qutubshahi, Nawab Shoukat Jung decide to built the palace outside the yakut pura. There was a 12 days famous celebration of moharam majalis celebrated by mutawalli md zaki abul Hassan khan s/o Nawab shabbir hussain khan azm. Since 15th generation it became a tradition to follow by the Nawab Shoukat jung family.

Shoukat Mansion Hyderabad | Telangana Tourism

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