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Jama Masjid Iqbal Ud Daula, Begumpet | Spanish Mosque Hyderabad

The Spanish Mosque was built in 1906 by Sir Vikhar –ul-umral iqbal-ud Dowla, He was the noble of Paigah. This mosque contains pointed aches and a pointed main roof collected with two truncated octagonal pyramids of two truncated octagonal pyramids one above the other arbitrate by unusual from those seen in other mosque in the city. There were some different architectural styles named by rulers and nobles such as Jama Masjid , Mecca Masjid, the Toli Masjid, The Ek Minar Maasjid, the Ek Khana Masjid , the Baadi Masjid. The Hyderabad city has obvious features of mosques in the city.

In the mosque there was minarets aesthetically place at corners of the parapet which were in the same style. It is difficult to climb on paradise side to the flyover, which was opposite to the Airport. We can see some remarkable features like Moorish arches inside the prayer hall, the quranic poetry was beautiful calligraphy carve on the inside walls. In the courtyard we can see a washing tank. There is a plan mosque includes main prayer hall with two rooms in the front and for entering into the hall there was a corridor. There was an octagonal dome stands on the porch at the entrance of the hall.

There was a perforated screen in the central dome. The domes, minarets and small turrets were built with brick and stone masonry and the outer face plastered with lime mortar. The mosque was built with stone masonry in lime mortar up to the basement and the mosque looks a very attractive structure in brick masonry in lime mortar.

After completing the eight month long tour of Europe, He believed to build the same mosque in Spain by the attention of the paigah noble. The nawab became a great builder for having a penchant for creating something different, as seen from his magnificent hilltop palace of Faluknuma and lived with good reputation.

Jama Masjid / Spanish Mosque Timings:

6:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all Days.

Jama Masjid Address:

Sardar Patel Road,
Indian Airlines Colony,
Telangana – 500016.



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