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Saviour Tree Hyderabad | Tamarind Tree Osmania General Hospital | Telangana Tourism

The saviour tree was situated in the park adjacent to the Osmania General Hospital. This tamarind tree saved more than 150 people lives from the disastrous floods or ‘Tughyani’.

It was found on the banks of the Musi after the three centuries in the city of Hyderabad. More than thirteen times the Hyderabad city was over loaded by floods. The drastic floods were occurred in 1908 and made a chain of tragedies which brought a series of problems to the people of Hyderabad.

There was an enormous flow of storm water flow from the Musi watershed, which received 17 inches of rainfall water expand with the outflow from breached upstream tanks , which assumes terrible proportions on the year 1908 28th September. This heavy flow breaks the tanks and the water rushes into the city. By that time the river diminishes large tracts of densely inhabited settlements on its banks had been over excited. The destruction was mostly severed on the unprotected northern bank.

In this drastic flood the chaderghat got affected more than the other areas in Hyderabad and also lost so many lives and properties due to the floods. This was recorded by Dr. Sayeeduddin Khan in his poems as “52 localities washed away and two lakh dead”.
In this a very few people got swept away by the flood water and among them 150 peoples got managed to stay on the tamarind tree without losing their grip till they saved on the next morning.
With the respect of great service to mankind the INTACH Heritage award was awarded to this historic tamarind tree.

They give an historical importance to this tree and it was situated between puranapul and chaderghat. In 2002 the Hyderabad collector Rajeswar Tiwarin had put up a plaque in front of the tree and was named as ‘Prana Dhatri’ at a function.
There was a place around the tree, which was used by the Osmania General Hospital (OGH) authorities to celebrate ‘Hospital Day’ on November 30 every year.

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