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Trinity Church Bolarum | St. George’s Church, Hyderabad

The trinity church was constructed in the mid-nineteenth century at Bolarum in the style of European architecture in 1847 by a member of the British Royal Family. This church was a medium church with Victorian Gothic style church. The church was daily visited by members of Medak Diocese of the church of south India. The exterior and interior care of the church was well-maintained and there was a low-roof and stained glass windows give a good feeling to the visitors of a country church in England.

In 1980’s Queen Elizabeth visited this church on her Wedding Anniversary. The Holy Trinity Church, Bolarum pastorate, was a non-denominational church. The Nizam’s government has donated the land for the historical church, when General Frazer was the resident of Hyderabad.

The British army officers and their families, follows Anglican way of worship in the church. The church interior was embellishing the tablets of loved ones of British army officers, who died during their tenure in Hyderabad inconceivable. We can see the original pews with the despite passage of time have perpetuates their fulgent. We can see the stained glass at the altar; the pulpit and the bell were all in their original fluency reflecting the past period.
There was a burial ground around the corner together back dates in 18th century, buries the history and also the memorial of the serving British officers and their treasured ones. The oldest burial ground belongs to John Alexander, a British military officer of Hyderabad perpetuated, who died on 7th April 1851.

Bolarum Trinity Church Address:

Opposite to – St. Ann’s Girls School,
Bolaram, Bison Environmental Park,
Telangana – 500010.
Phone: 070130 56144

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