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Aza Khana-e-Zehra Hyderabad | Telangana Tourism


Aza khana-e-Zehra is situated at Dar-ul-shifa in the old city of Hyderabad, overlooks the Musi River and was built in the style of Osmanian architecture. The Nizam VII Mir Osman Ali khan constructed house of mourning in 1930’s. The structure of the house was in regular use and in good condition with wooden perforated screens all around building. This building has a high ceiling structure with a Zenana gallery.

Mir Osman Ali Khan built it as the memory of his mother Amtul Zehra Begum. It has an impressive structure and had gone with many repairs in the 67th year existence. There was a cardboard ceiling of the colonnaded hall which has been changed with plaster of Paris false ceiling. The old ceiling got cracked for many times and felt at many places which were badly damaged. And there was a huge chandelier which were repaired and lit up. Madar –e-Deccan was also known as Aza khana-e-Zehra.

Also called Madar-e-Deccan, Aza Khana-e-Zehra has since then been a vital place for Shiah Islam worshippers. Its prized possession is four sacred battle standards called ‘Alams’. The gold and diamond-studded standards area unit put in once the Moharram crescent is sharp-sighted and unit offered the normal ‘dhatti’ by the Nizam relations and alternative devotees.

The design of the architecture was one of the best Osmanian style. Sahebzadi Rasheedunnisa Begum took the responsibility of renovation work cost of the house of mourning. Who was known to be a grandchild of Nizam according to the Syed Hamed Hussain Jaffery, President and AP Shiva Youth Conference?
This place is considered as an important place for all those worshippers of Shia. This place is also well known as the Madar-e-Deccan, and Aza Khana-e-Zehra. The “Alams” which is a sacred battle of four is the prized possession of this. The traditional ‘dhatti’ is offered by the families of the NIzam and some other devotees and are all done installation once the Muharram crescent has been sighted and are standards that are studded with gold and as well as the diamonds.

Azha Khana-e-Zehra Hyderabad

Opp. Ibadat Khana Hussaini,
Telangana – 500024.
Phone: 009140-24560156.

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