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Azha Khana-e-Zehra Hyderabad | Nizam Heritage Building

This Ashur Khana is built magnificently in the area of the Darul Shifa during the year of 1360. This is constructed to show the connection of the Imam Hussain martyrdom 1300th celebration. This is actually a shia group of Hyderabad and this consists of the Nawab Zain Yar Jung and the Nawad Shaheed Yar Jung and also the Nawab Inayat Jung and the Allama Rashid Turabi who had put their efforts in the construction of the Ashur Khan that can be most humbled but a tribute that was made in the martyr’s greatest memory.

The capacity of this Aza Khana Zehra is 10,000 people can assemble at a time for any occasion.

After the death of Badi Begum Saheba, Nizam wanted to build a beautiful Ashur Khana in memory of his deceased mother, as he personally agreed to the place and the prominent Shiite group voluntarily ordered the construction of Aza Khana-E-Zehra. Il also known that if the peoples of the Community wanted to donate the noble cause the privilege to donate a contribution 1,000 rupees chaque.Personnes of all religions donated in the city.

Azha Khana-e-Zehra Hyderabad

Azha Khana-e-Zehra Address:

Opp. Ibadat Khana Hussaini,
Telangana – 500024.
Phone: 009140-24560156.

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