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Asmangarh Palace Malakpet, Hyderabad | Telangana Tourism

The name has a great meaning Asman for sky and Garh for home. The palace was situated on the hillock. This palace was constructed in 1885 by the paigah Noble sir Asman Jah. The palace was organized with a museum which displays the archaeological relics. Now the palace was converted into school. It is situated near the T.V. Tower at Malakpet. The palace has a commanding view of surrounding forest. It gives good view for hunting for the Nizam and his courtiers. The palace was situated on the hillock area.

The Asman Garh Palace sits on a hillside with stunning views of the surrounding woods, which are served as Jagdrevier for the Nizam and his courtiers. The Nizam was so fascinated by this miniature castle that became a regular visitor. Sir Asman Jah finally gave the Nizam. He was personally designed and built by the former Prime Minister of Hyderabad Sir Asman Jah State in 1885 on a hill for recreation. Paigah belonged to the family. He fulfills his dream of building a house near the heavens. His real name was Mohammed Khan Mazharuddin, he was the grandson of the second Nizam Sikander Jah used for a long time, the palace was leased to Birlas, which finds in it its archaeological museum. After more than four decades, the Birla Museum is moved and the building occupied by public school in San Jose. The headmaster is Mrs. Sundari and is rented for a long time.

Asman Garh Palace Malakpet

Asman Garh Palace Address:

Asmangadh Palace,
Telangana – 500036.

Constructed on: 1885
Architectural Style: Gothic Revival architecture
Current Tenant: St.Joseph’s Public School

Asmangarh Palace Malakpet, Hyderabad | Telangana Tourism

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