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Best Places to Visit in Telangana

Uppuguda Armenian Cemetery Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

This Armenian site is found closed to Uppuguda railroad station. It’s believed that these Armenians made their way to India by crossing Persia, Afghanistan and Tibet and for doing trade and they established their industrial centres in Hyderabad even before the appearance of European traders into India and additionally they served under the rule of […]

List of Heritage Structures Hyderabad | Heritage Buildings Hyderabad Telangana

Heritage Conservation Committee beneath HUDA was fashioned by government in 1981 to retain study, historical and social worth of buildings. Hyderabad Urban Development Authority has listed virtually one hundred sixty buildings in Hyderabad in Telangana state as heritage structures. Virtually seventieth of the heritage structures are in the hands of camera. Heritage structures embody buildings, […]

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