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Nizam Museum Hyderabad Nizam’s Landmark Telangana Tourism

His Exalted Highness (HEH) The Nizam Museum is one of the lesser known places of visit in Hyderabad, but has some outlandish but lavish collections. If you want to know the rich lifestyle of the Nizams, the Nizam Museum is a must visit place.

Though the Nizam’s Silver Jubilee Museum in the humble Purani Haveli does not have the breathing space of the Chowmahalla or the sumptuousness of the Falaknuma, the insight it offers into the Nizam’s private life cannot be found anywhere else.

The most prized of the assets of the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan are stretched out behind the plain wooden yellow door of the Purani Haveli.

The land of the Purani Haveli was allocated to the Prime Minister of the time by the founder of Hyderabad, Nizam I. Nizam II however acquired the land in 1777 to build the haveli for his son. The Haveli has been home for many Nizams of Hyderabad and thus is an important landmark in the history of the city. Apart from the palace, the ground also has a hospital, Junior college and a women’s educational center situated in it.

Purani Haveli Hyderabad

The Nizam VI, Mir Osman Ali Khan, wished that his collection of artifacts be put on display to the public. Hence the Nizam’s Silver Jubilee museum was started on February 2000 and was managed by the Nizam Trust for public.

The Nizam’s Silver Jubilee Museum gets its name from the most important assortment of articles it stores. The Haveli is bejeweled by the souvenir and donations given to the Nizam on the Silver Jubilee celebrations of his reign in 1936. A gold Tiffin box inlaid with diamonds, silver set of coffee cups studded with diamonds, a silver filigree elephant, silver caskets, studded daggers, wooden box with mother of pearl, exquisite ittardaans and the list goes on. There is also a golden wooden throne the Nizam used for celebration. Silver replica of the famous landmarks of Hyderabad, gold books, swords with verses from the Quran inscribed, golden toys of the Nizam kids, beautiful walking sticks of the Nizams are also displayed.

Apart from the gifts he received, artifacts from the Falaknuma palace and the Koti palace have also been shifted to the Nizam’s museum.

The Nizam was accounted to be the richest man of his times, his wealth estimated to be US $2 billion in the early 1940s. Naturally, he had a rich collection of his own. The most astonishing of these is his wardrobe collection. The Nizam, who was a fashionable man, believed that no one else should wear the clothes he wears. So when he bought fabric, he would buy the entire collection of the same fabric the merchant owned. After using it for his clothes, he stored away the rest of it in his wardrobe. Also it is believed that he never repeated his clothes. One can imagine what a massive set such choices would have amounted to. Not surprisingly, the wardrobe is 240 feet long and displays costumes worn by the Hyderabad Nizams at that time and also the Nizam’s gigantic collection of hunter boots.

Purani Haveli Throne

There is also a 150 year old manually operated life using which the Nizam would go to his wardrobe, on the first floor. Yet another highlight is the 200 year old proclamation drums. For car lovers, vintage models of Rolls Royce, Packard and Jaguar are also displayed.

Though the museum is small, it is appealing. After all, seeing the little objects of daily use of a royal life build interest of a different kind making the Nizam Museum a must visit places in Hyderabad.

Nizam Museum also known as Purani Haveli Museum.

Nizam Museum Distance:
From Secunderabad Railway Station is 11.5 Kms
From MGBS Hyderabad is 2 Kms

Purani Haveli Museum Entry fee:
Adults- Rs. 80/-
Children – Rs. 15/-
Still Camera Rs. 150/ and Video Camera 500/-

Purani Haveli Timings: 10:00 AM to 5 PM. Closed on Fridays.

Nizam Museum Address:
Purani Haveli Road,
Purani Haveli,
Telangana 500002.

Telangana Tourism Toll Free Number: 1800-425-46464
Phone: 04024521029

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