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Purani Haveli Hyderabad Telangana Tourism Purani Haveli Museum

Purani Haveli Hyderabad
Purani Haveli, also known as Haveli Khadeem accurately means old quarters and this old monument was constructed to serve as a residence to Mir Momen, the Prime Minister to the ruler of the Qutub Shahi dynasty during 1717. Later, after two centuries, Ali Khan Bahadur Asaf Jah II, the second Nizam of Hyderabad decided to get this old building renovated and gift to his son, the third Nizam, Sikandar Jah. This old Haveli is now famous for its museum, The Nizam’s Museum and for the marvels it includes, together with the Haveli structure itself. The third Nizam shifted his residence to Chowmahalla Palace soon after his succession to the throne, and the humble Haveli became unknown for a few years, as the Chowmahalla Palace was obviously more majestic compared to the Purani Haveli. But the sixth Nizam, Mahbub Ali Pasha was determined to make the family Haveli of his ancestors his home and so this Purani Haveli returned to limelight.

Architecture wise, the Purani Haveli has a blend of the Indo and Western styles of architecture. There are influences of European architecture fused with the Indian architecture, a classic of that period.

Photographer Alert: Photography is not allowed inside. If you have good convincing skills, you can try to convince the guards and take your risks with the camera, just like some do. The residential place lies right in the middle of the U-shaped complex. It has two double-storeyed wings running along its sides.

There are skillfully tiled walls and colorful mosaic patterns on the floor. Spacious courtyards and stunning rooms that have balconies with European arches are extended across the complex.

Purani Haveli Throne

The Massarat Mahal in the complex is where the Nizam lived. The foremost attraction of the building, the Nizam’s legendary wardrobe lies here. This wardrobe is much more than a plain wardrobe. You can read about the wardrobe and the museum artefacts at *****.

The Haveli also has Mukarram Jah Technical Institute, a library and a hospital. The Haveli is open for visitors from 10.00 am till 5 pm on all days except on Fridays.

Though the Purani Haveli is just two of the Nizam’s residence for some years from the past and not an architectural wonder, the Nizam’s Silver Jubilee Museum is surely a wonder. Anyone interested to have a sneak peek into the regality of the Nizam era should surely visit this place. There are Gold Qurans, magnificently carved swords and daggers, silver playthings of the royal children and a couple of vintage cars on display. The icing of the cake is the Nizam’s wardrobe. We can also get to hear the stories of how majestic and large the royal clothes collections used to be. But one should see to believe the opulence of the Nizam life. One can also see an old elevator that took the Nizam to his wardrobe that is surprisingly still in working condition.

From Secunderabad Railway Station is 11.5 Kms
From MGBS Hyderabad is 2 Kms

Purani Haveli Museum Entry fee:
Adults- Rs. 80/-
Children – Rs. 15/-
Still Camera Rs. 150/ and Video Camera 500/-

Purani Haveli Timings: 10:00 AM to 5 PM. Closed on Fridays.

Purani Haveli Address:
Purani Haveli Road,
Purani Haveli,
Telangana 500002.

Telangana Tourism Toll Free Number: 1800-425-46464
Phone: 04024521029

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