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Then Tirupati Tirumala Srivari Ananda Nilayam Timings, History, Seva, Puja

Then Thirumalai Darshan Timings:

Morning: 5:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Evening: 4:00 PM to 7:30 AM

Then Thirumalai Prasadam Timings:

Morning: 5:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Evening: 4:00 PM to 7:30 AM

Then Thirumalai Pujas and Sevas:

Sahasra Deepa Alankarana Seva

Then Thirumalai Weekly Sevas:

Vishesha puja & Malaiyappa swamy Chathoorthasa Kalasa Abisekam on every Monday at 9.30 AM.
Ashtadala Pada Padmaradhanamu on every Tuesday at 6.15 PM.
Sahasra kalasabhishekam is performed before Sarvadarsanam on every Wednesday at 8.30 AM.
Netra Darshan & Muthangi Seva on every Thursday Morning 10.30 AM.
Poolangi Seva on every Thursday at 6.00 PM.
Abhishekam to Lord Vishnu is performed on every Friday.

Then Thirumalai Daily Seva/Puja Schedule:

Morning Sevas:

  • Suprabatham
  • Viswaroopa Darshan
  • Thomala Seva
  • Kolu Darbar
  • Sahasranama Archana
  • Morning timing puja’s
  • Arathy
  • Poorabisheham
  • Nijapada Darshan
  • Sahasra (1008) Kalasabisheham
  • Thiruppavadai
  • Asthanam
  • Nethra Darshanam
  • Arathy
  • Chaturdasa (14) Kalasabisheham
  • Nithya kalyanotsavam

Then Thirumalai Mettupalayam

Evening Sevas:

  • Nithya Unjal Seva
  • Sahasra Deepalankara unjal Seva
  • Pocession
  • Golden Chariot
  • Thomala Seva
  • Poolangi Seva
  • Ashtadala Pada Padmarchana- Archana with 108 Golden Lotus
  • Evening timing puja’s
  • Arathy
  • Sahasranama Parayanam
  • Ekanta Seva

Then Thirumalai Marghazi Daily Puja Schedule:

4.00 am Thirupalli Eluchi
4.15 am Visvaroopa Darshan
4.30 am Thomala Seva
5.00 am Vilva Archanai
5.30 am Nivedanam,Satrumarai
6.15 am Aarathi
6.30 am Thomalai
7.15 am Kolu,Panchanga Swarnam
7.25 am Tulasi Archanai
8.00 am Nivedanam, Satrumarai
8.30 am Aarathi
9.30 am As usual time

Then Thirumalai Marghazi Vaikunda Ekadashi:

1.00 am Sri Adivarahaswamy Tirupalli Eluchi
1.20 am Sri Vaari Tirupalli Eluchi
1.30 am Visvaroopa Darshan
1.40 am to 2.30 am Thomalai, Vilva Archanai, Nivedanam, Satrumurai
2.30 am to 3.10 am Thomalai, Tulasi Archanai, Nivedanam, Satrumurai
3.20 am Sri Malaiyappa Srinivasar, Sridevi, Pudeviudan Maha Mandapam Eluntharulal
4.00 am Sri Vaari Purappadu
4.30 am Sri Vaikunda Vaasal(Dwaram)Tirappu
12.00 pm Maathyanika Puja
5.00 pm Sri Vaari Tiruveethi Ula
7.30 pm Raapathu 1st day Vaibhavam
8.30 pm Ekantha Sevai

Mettupalayam Then Thirumalai

Then Thirumalai Do’s & Dont’s:

Given below are a list of Do’s and Dont’s for the attention of pilgrims.
Please remove your shoes or foot wear when entering the Prayer room.
Please give the mobile phones, camera’s, when entering the prayer room
Please pick up your belongings on your own from the security.
When entering prayer hall lower your voice, avoid inappropriate conversation.
Dress code of Temple Campus – long-pants worn rather than shorts.

Please do not bring food into the Prayer Room.
Smoking or chewing gum inside temple campus is prohibited.

How to Reach Then Thirumalai:

By Road:
Thirumalai is well connected with Road, Rail and Air Routes

By Rail:
Thirumalai Temple is located 50 Km. from Coimbatore Rail Junction

By Air:
Thirumalai Temple is located 40 Km. from Coimbatore Air Port

Then Thirumalai Annadhanam Timing:

Annadhanam is provided for the devotees on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 11.00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Then Thirumalai Address:

Then Thirumalai,
Sirumugai Road,

Phone: +91 4254 304 300
Mobile: 98422 67776
Fax : +91 4254 304 400

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