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Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Offerings, Pooja, Vazhipadu

Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Archana:

Pushpanjali Rs.10.00
Ikyamathya Pushpanjali Rs.30.00
Roga Shamana Manthra Pushpanjaliv Rs.30.00
Mruthunjaya Pushpanjali Rs.30.00
Shathru Samhaara Pushpanjali Rs.30.00
Swayamvara Pushpanjali Rs.30.00
Raahu Pushpanjali Rs.30.00
Purushasooktham Rs.30.00
Bhaagyasooktham Rs.30.00
Ayursooktham Rs.30.00
Vidhya Mandhaarchana Rs.30.00
Mahasudarshana Mandhaarchana Rs.20.00

Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Poojas:

One TIme Pooja Rs.501, Rs.1001
One Day Pooja Rs.1501, Rs.3001
Sarvaalanghaara Pooja Rs.2501, Rs.5001
Udayaasthamana Pooja Rs.6001, Rs.10001
Bhagavath Seva Rs.601.00
Dhambathi Pooja Rs.101, Rs.251, Rs.501
Umamaheswara pooja Rs.101, Rs.251, Rs.501
Ganapathy Pooja Rs.101, Rs.501
Raahu Pooja Rs.101, Rs.201
Gulika Pooja Rs.101, Rs.201
Rakshassu Pooja Rs.101, Rs.201

Aayilya Pooja Rs.101, Rs.201
Paalum Noorum Rs.101, Rs.501
Vaahana Pooja Rs.101
Maala Pooja Rs.10.00
Thaakol Pooja Rs.30.00

Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Homam:

Ganapathy Homam Rs.501, Rs.101
Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam Rs.301, Rs.501, Rs.1001
Mruthunjaya Homam Rs.51, Rs.101
Maha Mruthunjaya Homam Rs.501, Rs.751, Rs.1001
Thila Homam Rs.30, Rs.51, Rs.101
Sukrutha Homam Rs.101, Rs.301
Navagraha Homam Rs.501

Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Abhishekam:

Shangaabhishekam Rs.20.00
Thailaabhishekam Rs.101.00
Palabhishekam Rs.30.00
Kalabhaabhishekam Rs.1001.00
Bhasmaabhishekam Rs.101..00

Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Miscellaneous:

Palpayasam Rs.100.00
Sharkkara Payasam Rs.100.00
Nei Payasam Rs.150.00
Kadhalippazha Nivedhyam Rs.20.00
Venna Nivedhyam Rs.30.00
Pinvilakku Rs.10.00
Kedavilakku Rs.201, Rs.501
Ellu Thiri Rs.20.00
Neeranjanam Rs.51.00
Nagathinu Manjalpodi Rs.20.00
Ottappam Rs.101.00
Muzhukkappu Rs.1501, Rs.2001
Mughacharthu Rs.251.00
Vella Nivedhyam Rs.20.00
Choroon Rs.101.00
Vivaham Rs.550, Rs.1001
Dhaara Rs.10.00
Pinvilakku – Dhaara Rs.20.00
Rudhra Dhaara Rs.40.00
Valiya Dhaara Rs.50.00
Chuttu Vilakku Rs.550, Rs.750, Rs.1500
Chuttu VIlakku, Niramala Rs.1501, Rs.2001
Koovala Mala Rs.20
Thulasi Mala Rs.20
Karuka Mala Rs.20
108 Koovalathilakondu Mala Rs.101
Unda Mala Rs.201

Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Annadanam:

Annadanam (5 Person) Rs.150
Annadanam (Malayala Masam 1) Rs.13000
Annadanam (Normal Day) Rs.4500
Brahmana Oottu (1 Person) Rs.175

Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Timings:

Morning: 5.00 AM to 12.00 Noon
Evening: 5.00 PM to 7.30 PM

Thirumangalam Sree Maha Vishnu Siva Temple Address:

Pokkulangara P.O.,
Kerala – 680615.
Mobile: +91 8547955479
e-mail: thirumangalamtemple@gmail.com

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