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Udupi Sri Krishna Temple History, Timings, Sevas, Poojas, Dress Code and Festivals

Udupi Temple Timings: 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Udupi Sri Krishna temple also known as Krishna Mutt is one of the most popular shrines. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna in the southern region of India. This is situated approximately 60 km from Mangalore. The temple was built in 13th century. Udupi Sri Krishna Temple has an alluring idol of God who is adorned with beautiful jewelries. The idol was installed by great saint Madhavacharya.

The temple has an interesting history. The idol of Lord Krishna got covered with sandalwood in the city of Dwarka. Hence, the idol was carried by a mariner mistaking it to be sandalwood lump. While sailing, in the middle of their journey, the ship got caught in a storm. This occurred on the western coast of Malpe. Sri Madhvacharya pulled the ship out of storm using his saffron robe. Also, he calmed the sea storm with his divine powers. Finally, Saint Mahdhvacharya requested for the sandalwood lump. As a gesture of gratitude the mariner gifted him the sandalwood lump. The Saint Mahdhvacharya bathed the idol with water, purified it and installed it in the temple.

Sri Krishna Matha Udupi

Kanakadas was an orthodox follower of Lord Krishna. He visited the temple in the late 16th century. However, he was forbidden to enter the temple because he belonged to a lower caste. Lord Krishna was pleased with the devotion of Kanakadas. Hence, Lord Krishna created a hole in the back wall of the temple. This allowed Kanakadas to have darshan of the Lord. This hole is famously known as the Kanakanakindi even to this day. Special pujas are performed on Janmashtami. This temple is beautifully decorated. The devotees sing hymns in the praise of Lord.

Udupi Temple Dress Code:
For Male and female devotees can wear dresses like shirts, pants, jean pants, T-shirt, Saree, Half Saree, salwar kameez and churidars are allowed.

Vests, Short pants, Bermudas, Skirts and Mini Skirts are not allowed for both Male and Female devotees.

Sri Krishna Matha Seva List:

1Pavamana Homa (Other Expenses extra)DailyRs.2650.00
2Aslesha Bali (Other Expenses extra)DailyRs.2650.00
3Naga Prathishte (Other Expenses extra)DailyRs.1050.00
3Bramachari Aradhana (Other Expenses extra)DailyRs.300.00
4Kanike for UpanayanaDailyRs.2750.00
5Shradha KanikeDailyRs.1150.00
6Mahalaya KanikeDailyRs.1550.00
7Tulabhara KanikeDailyRs.550.00
8Chavala KanikeDailyRs.500.00
12Vehicle Pooja (4 Wheeler Puja)DailyRs.200.00
13Vehicle Pooja (2 Wheeler Puja)DailyRs.100.00
14Chinnara Santharpane0.00
Sl.NoSevasSeva PerformedPooja TimingPrice
1Akhanda SaptosavaTo Sri KrishnaFor 7 DaysRs.126550.00
2Udayastamana SevaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.51050.00
3Sarva Seva BrahmotsavaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.30800.00
4Brahma RathotsavaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.15550.00
5Sarva SevaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.15550.00
6Suvarna RathotsavaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.10550.00
7Navarathna RathotsavaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.8300.00
8Garuda RathotsavaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.8300.00
9Rajatha RathotsavaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.8300.00
10Suvarna Palaki RathotsavaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.5300.00
11Mahapooja RathotsavaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.5300.00
12Bhagavatha Saptaha (Including annasantarpane)To Sri KrishnaDailyRs.30050.00
13Gritha (Ghee) Nandadeepa (1 Year)To Sri KrishnaFor 1 yearRs.14050.00
14Laksha Tulasi ArchanaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.30050.00
15Madhyanha MahapoojaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.2045.00
16Vajra Kavacha Alankara SevaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.10050.00
17Rathri PoojaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.1295.00
18Hoovina Pooja(excluding flower)To Sri KrishnaDailyRs.2545.00
19Chinnada Thottilu PoojaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.1295.00
20Alankara PoojaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.1295.00
21PanchamrithabhishekaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.800.00
22Avasara Sanakadhi PoojaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.250.00
23Ushakaala Pooja(Vishwaroopa darshana)To Sri KrishnaDailyRs.250.00
24Kolalu sevaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.250.00
25Chamara SevaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.200.00
26SahsranamarchaneTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.550.00
27Shayanotsava (Ekanta Seva)To Sri KrishnaDailyRs.250.00
28KsheerabhishekaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.200.00
29Halu Benne SevaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.250.00
30AstothararchaneTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.200.00
31GopoojaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.200.00
32Prathyaksha GodanaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.17200.00
33Godana (uttama Kalpa)To Sri KrishnaDailyRs.5200.00
34Godana (Madyama Kalpa)To Sri KrishnaDailyRs.2750.00
35One day GodarmaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.2550.00
36Shree Madhwacharya HasthodhakaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.130.00
37Hastodaka to all Vrindavanastha GurusTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.150.00
38Mahapooja to GarudaTo Sri KrishnaDailyRs.150.00
39Navagraha PoojaTo NavagrahaDailyRs.120.00
40MangalarathiTo NavagrahaDailyRs.30.00
41Navagraha Homa (Other Expenses extra)To NavagrahaDailyRs.2650.00
42Vajra Kavacha Alankara SevaTo Lord Sri MukhyapranaDailyRs.5030.00
43Vayusthuthi Punascharane (7 days)To Lord Sri Mukhyaprana7 DaysRs.3520.00
44Mahapooja Sahitha RangapoojaTo Lord Sri MukhyapranaDailyRs.775.00
45RangapoojaTo Lord Sri MukhyapranaDailyRs.325.00
46MahapoojaTo Lord Sri MukhyapranaDailyRs.200.00
47PanchmrithabhishekaTo Lord Sri MukhyapranaDailyRs.170.00
48Pavamana ParayanaTo Lord Sri MukhyapranaDailyRs.130.00
49Vayusthuthi ParayanaTo Lord Sri MukhyapranaDailyRs.160.00
50Chinnada Kavacha Alankara SevaTo Lord Sri Mukhyaprana (Bhojanashala Mukhyaprana)DailyRs.1265.00
51Payasa SevaTo Lord Sri Mukhyaprana (Bhojanashala Mukhyaprana)DailyRs.6020.00
52Hoovina Pooja (Excluding flowers)To Lord Sri Mukhyaprana (Bhojanashala Mukhyaprana)DailyRs.200.00
53MahapoojaTo Lord Sri Mukhyaprana (Bhojanashala Mukhyaprana)DailyRs.250.00
54RangapoojaTo Lord Sri Mukhyaprana (Bhojanashala Mukhyaprana)DailyRs.140.00
55Pavamana ParayanaTo Lord Sri Mukhyaprana (Bhojanashala Mukhyaprana)DailyRs.100.00
56Vayusthuthi ParayanaTo Lord Sri Mukhyaprana (Bhojanashala Mukhyaprana)DailyRs.100.00
57PanchmrithabhishekaTo Lord Sri Mukhyaprana (Bhojanashala Mukhyaprana)DailyRs.100.00
58MangalarathiTo Lord Sri Mukhyaprana (Bhojanashala Mukhyaprana)DailyRs.50.00
59Hoovina Pooja (Excluding flowers)To Sri Subramanya SwamyDailyRs.170.00
60MahapoojaTo Sri Subramanya SwamyDailyRs.150.00
61Pavamana Kalasha AbhishekaTo Sri Subramanya SwamyDailyRs.100.00
62Ranga PoojaTo Sri Subramanya SwamyDailyRs.150.00
63Panchamritha / NagathanuTo Sri Subramanya SwamyDailyRs.50.00
64Ashwatha PoojeTo Sri Subramanya SwamyDailyRs.50.00
65MangalarathiTo Sri Subramanya SwamyDailyRs.30.00
66Hoovina Pooja (Excluding flower)To Lord BhagirathiDailyRs.2650.00
67MahapoojaTo Lord BhagirathiDailyRs.2650.00
68RangapoojaTo Lord BhagirathiDailyRs.1050.00
69MangalarathiTo Lord BhagirathiDailyRs.300.00
70Annadana KanikeTo Sri Krishna0.00
71Kanike for EducationTo Sri Krishna0.00
72Kanike for Sri Krishna MathaTo Sri Krishna0.00
73Contribution for Development WorkTo Sri Krishna0.00
The Ashta Mathas or Monasteries in Udupi were started by Madhwacharya, he is a great Dvaita philosopher. These Mathas or math were started in 8 different villages near Udupi Sri Krishna Temple. Sri Madhwacharya appointed 8 of his direct followers as head of all Matha.
The eight Mathas are:
1) Palimar Matha
2) Adamaru Matha
3) Krishnapur Matha
4) Puttige Matha
5) Shiroor Matha
6) Sode Matha
7) Kaniyuru Matha
8) Pejavara Matha

Sri Krishna Temple Udupi

Festivals Celebrated in Krishna Temple:
1) Ratha Saptami
2) Bhismatami
3) Madhwanavami
4) Holy Kamadahana
5) Aradana of Sri Vadiraja Swamiji
6) Aradana of H.H. Sri Vyasaraja
7) Sri Ramanavami Celebrations
8) Hanuman jayanthi
9) Saura Yugadi
10) Vasanthotsava
11) Akshaya Thadige
12) Vedavyasa Jayanthi
13) Narasimha Jayanthi
14) Anthya Pushkrani
15) Bhagirathi Janma Dina
16) Mahabjisheka
17) Prathamaikadashi
18) Chaturmasya
19) Aradana of Teekacharya
20) Aati Amavase
21) Nagara Panchami
22) Upakarma
23) Dadhi Virtha
24) Hayagriva Jayanthi
25) Aradana of Sri Raghavendra
26) Jagara Pooja
27) Sri Krishna Jayanthi
28) Ganesha Chathurthi
29) Dadhi Vamana Jayanthi
30) Yathi Dwadashi
31) Navarathri
32) Vidyadashami or Vijayasashami
33) Dwidala Virtha
32) Paschima Jagarana Pooja
33) Kojagars Vritha
34) Yama Deepa
35) Naraka Chaturdashi
36) Deepavali Amavasya
37) Aaksha Deepa
38) Gopooja
39) Tulasi Pooja
40) Laksha Deepothsava
41) Chandreshwara Temple
42) Subramanya Srasti
43) Dhanupooja
44) Mokkoti Dwadashi

Sri Krishna Temple Address:
Sri Krishna Matha,
Car Street, Udupi,
Karnataka – 576101.
Telephone: 0820-2520598.

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