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Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When can I visit the Temple?
Answer: The Temple is open for visitors all seven days of the week.

Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Timing:
Weekdays: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 5:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Weekends: 8:30 am to 9:00 pm.

Visit the Temple for a few minutes! For as long or as short as you wish. Visit on special days when you feel happy, or when you feel the need to meditate, or pray. When there is a special occasion such as a birthday, a wedding day, graduation, purchase of new ornaments or vehicle, remembrance days, holidays, long weekends. Some make it a regular habit to come to the Temple at least once a week.

Question: Can I bring children/visitors/friends/neighbors?
Answer: Yes please do. Just make sure that everyone follows the rules of sanctity in a Hindu religious place of worship. [Remove footwear before entering Temple hall; do not photograph consecrated deities or enter inner sanctum; share Prasad / neivedya food in the Prasad /break room and verandahs or gardens only. Socialize without disturbing others who may be worshipping or praying.

Question: What should I bring when I come to the Temple?
Answer: Yourself, your family and friends. Or bring whatever is traditional in your family. If you feel like it, you may bring a few flowers, fruits etc. to offer to God. If you are performing an Archana-Puja you can bring a fruit, some flowers, a couple of incense sticks or camphor, or other prasad offering. For special pujas and pre-arranged services, check with the priest while making the reservation about what you should bring.

South Jordan Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple

Question: What services are available?
Answer: All Hindu Services can be performed on request. A small donation to the Temple and a dakshina to the Priest may be rquired. See Temple notice board or website for details.

Question: Will Panditji come to my house to perform a puja/ havan?
Answer: Yes he is available to come to perform services outside the Temple except on major festival days and pujas at the Temple. Reserve his services by entry in the services register for a first reserved first served basis.

Question: Why do they ask for Gothra/ Nakshatra/ name during the Puja?
Answer: As per Hindu tradition, Gothra/ nakshatra is your personal family name and Star that was in prominence at the time of your birth. Repeating this is a way of introduction in the presence of God when the priest performs a religious service on your behalf. He says on our behalf: I who am named MyName of the Family MyGothra born under Mystar of the MyZodiacRaasi, have come to perform a prayer, with this intention. If you are not sure of raasi gothra etc, you may give your last and first names and the priest will do the rest.

Question: How and where do I give my contribution or donation?
Answer: All monetary donations should be dropped into the Hundi in front of the sanctum. Items such as cloth, silver or gold, jewelry etc should be handed over to the priest or the president or the treasurer along with a duly filled item donation form. Periodic newsletters will publish a list of donors as a record of donations received. Cumulative donation receipts are mailed at year-end to each individual donor.

Question: We drive from very far. Is there a rest room at the Temple? Is there food available?
Answer: Yes there are clean restrooms available at the Temple. A place to leave footwear, to hang coats and a break room with microwave facility is available. Cold Drinking water fountain is in the break room.
We do have a canteen that serves regular food service / sales.
A swing set in the garden area is very popular during warm days among children.

Other Questions/ or Suggestions?
Please drop you comments in the suggestion box available at the Temple
Contact Us / Email:utahganesha@inbox.com; Call 801 254 9177 for Office Staff or Priests

Utah Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple Frequently Asked Questions

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