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Various Traditions & Customs Dhanurmasa

There are few more traditions followed by the Hindus of the South in this month: In Andhra Pradesh like having a Gangeddhu (bull of small, often deformed in some way, consecrated to a temple, which is decorated and furnished with bells and exhibited by certain beggars from house to house), Unjavruthi – people especially during Danurmasam. People wake up early in the morning and walk around in the all the streets singing Bhajans accompanied with musical instruments.

Unjavruthi tradition is very popular here, where Baagavathas reciting Bhajans on the street visit every house collecting Bhiksha. Members from every house offer rice as Bhiksha which is collected and offered to the Lord here.

Danurmasa is the time for harvest for the farmers. It’s the time they reap the crops. The Makara Sankranthi festival is celebrated in order to thanks giving the Sun God by offering Pongal with the newly harvested rice in a new pot made of clay.Templesinindiainfo

Other than Hindu Festivals during the Dhanurmasam (mid of December-January)
Christian’s : Christmas and New year.
Muslims : Bakrid.
Buddhists, Jains and also Sikhs consider this month as Holy. Most of the Villagers, Tribes in India have their Harvest Fest within this month only.

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