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Vazhappully Shree Rajarajeshwari Temple Timings History


Opening and Closing timings:
Morning: 5:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Evening: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Vazhappully Temple Daily Pooja Timings:
5:45 AM – Sanghabhishekam, Sapthasudhi
6:15 AM – Usha pooja
8:00 AM – Panthiradi Pooja
9:30 AM – Navagraha Pooja
10:00 AM – Sub Deities Pooja
10:30 AM – Madhyahna Pooja
6:15 to 6:45 PM – Deeparadhana (depends on actual sunset timings)
6:45 PM – Sahasranaamajapam
7:00 PM – Athazha Pooja

Special Poojas & Ganapati Homa will be conducted on every 1st day of Malayalam month.

Vazhappully Sree Rajarajeswari

Vazhappully Shree Rajarajeshwari Temple is one of the first and foremost family temples in Kerala dating back more than 500 years.

This temple is located west of Edamuttom in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India.
Due to the presence of the supreme soul of the goddess Bhadrakali, in ancient times the devotees sacrificed hen and goat to this temple as offerings. Later in the month of Malayalam year 1122 Edavam (1947, May) a beautiful Panchaloha idol of Sri Rajarajeswari was reestablished as the main deity by Sri. Narasimha Swamikal, the first disciple of Sri Narayana Guru.

Miracle in the Temple:
It was predicted by Sri. Narasimha Swamikal that this transformation from the Bhadrakali Goddess to the Rajarajeswari Goddess (from a fierce form to humility) can show unusual changes in nature at the time of reinstatement. Surprisingly, during the relocation of the idol in May 1947, the trunk of a huge tree Mimusops Elengi on the south side of the temple was split in two and fell showing the powers of the goddess Rajarajeswari. It was one of the extraordinary “miracles” that our ancestors and elders witnessed. Although the idol is of the goddess Sri Rajarajeshwari, the basic mantra is of the goddess Bhadrakali.

Devotees are blessed with prosperity, wealth, and bestowal blessings. The goddess Rajarajeswari is considered the protector of this region. All devotees, regardless of their nationality, caste, creed and religion are welcome in this temple to fulfill their wish.

Powers of Mahalakshmi, Saraswati, Parvathi and Bhadrakali:
Goddess Rajarajeswari is having the amalgamate powers of Goddess Mahalakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Parvathi and Goddess Bhadrakali.

Sree Rajarajeswari Temple Vazhappully

Gandharva Pooja – for Women:
Gandharva Dosha can cause frequent abortions, infertility, obstacles in marriage, hysteria and depression in a woman. Gandharva pooja can help eliminate the evil effects of Gandharva Dosha.

Mangalya Pooja:
Mangalya pooja to remove obstacles to getting married and find a suitable life partner

Sub Deities (Upa Devas)
Aadi Guru
Suuranaatu Kaimal Muthappan
Avanappulli Muthappan
Kandakarnan – Veerabhadran
Nagaraja – Nagayakshi

Family History:
Centuries ago, a family called “Eranezhath” from the south center of Travancore came to Thalikulam in Chavakkad Taluk, Trichur district. A group of this family moved south to Kazhimbram and called the family “Eranezhath Vazhappully”. Over time, this family was renamed “Vazhappully”. Due to this historical reference, conjugal relations between the Vazhappully and Eranezhath families (including the associated families of Eranezhath such as Andezath, Mambarambath and Vengali) are not allowed until now.

The members of the Vazhappully family in Kazhimbram were grouped according to their geographical location and the descendants were mentioned as Chalungal Thavazhi, Kattikkaar Thavazhi, Azhiparamban Thavazhi and
Kuruttipparamban Thavazhi.

The governing authorities of Vazhappully Sri Rajarajeshwari temple are chosen each year among the 4 descendants mentioned above according to the status of the temple. Every year, after the Temple Festival (Makarapathu) and before the month of Malayalam, Kumbham 30, a meeting of the General Body is convened and new authorities of the Temple Government are elected.

Offerings in the Temple:
Turmeric powder for Naga (snake God)
Ellu Thiri
Ney Vilakku
Raktha Puspanjali
Sahasranama Pushpanjali
Sree Sooktham
Purusha Sooktham
Bhagya Sooktham
Devi Sooktham
Aikyamakthya Sooktham
Mangalya Sooktham
Ayur Sooktham
Saraswatha Pushpanjali
Aapadudharana Pushpanjali
Mrithunjaya Pushpanjali
Malar Nivedyam
Vella Payasam
Mala Charthal
Sathrusamhara Pushpanjali
Sarkara Payasam
Saraswathi Pooja
Muthappanu Murukkan
Graha Pooja
Swayamware Manthra Pushpanjali
Guruthi Pushpanjali
Paal Payasam
One time Pooja
Upadeva Pooja
Peeru Vili
Appa Nivedyam
Vahana Pooja
Kadum Payasam
Ney Payasam
Vahana Pooja
Updevanmarku Vilakku
Bhagavathi Seva
Paalum Noorum
Vivaha Pooja
Navakam (in Makairyam star)
Navagraha Pooja
Ganapathi Havanam
Mangalya Pooja 1st Year, Mangalya Pooja 2nd Year, Mangalya Pooja 3rd Year
Sathrusamhara Karmam (in Guruthi)
Pooja for a Day
Maha Sakthi Pooja
Gandharva Pooja
Navagraha Visesha Pooja
Chuttu Vilakku
Chuttu Vilakku, Kalasam for Sub Deities including Ganapathi
Sampoorna Chuttu Vilakku
Udayasthamana Pooja
Ney Chuttu Vilakku
Guruthi Puja
Ayur Homam
Annapoorneswari Homam
Mahasudarsana Homam
Durga Homam
Maha Mruthyunjaya Homam
Santhana Gopala Homam
Gayathri Homam
Swayamwara Parvathi Homam
Graha Santhi Homam
Navagraha Santhi Homam
Aikyamathya Homam
Lakshmi Kubera Homam
Vidya Gopala Homam
Annadanam (feeding the needy)

Festivals Celebrated:
1) Makarapathu Maholsavam
2) Vazhappully Makarapathu Maholsavam
3) Ponkala Festival
4) Sarpa Bali
5) Ramayana Masam – Karkitakam
6) Navarathri
7) Kalamezhuthu Paatu

Temple Facilities:
Clean bathroom and toilets are provided for all devotees.

Nattika Beach Resort (91 471 234 5079/91 94971 32470) – 6 Kms from temple
Kadappuram Beach Resort (91487 2394988) – 6 Kms from temple.
Thalikulam Beach Resort (91 487 2397239) – 8 Kms from temple.
Hotel Dreamland Thriprayar (91 487-2391288) – 6 Kms from the temple.
Chand V Regency Hotel (91 480 2642677) – 6 Kms from Temple.
Naduluveettil Resorts (91 480-2847508) – 4 Kms from Temple.

State Bank of Travancore, Edamuttom -1 Km from temple
State Bank of India, Edamuttom – 1 Km from temple
Federal Bank, Edamuttom – 1 Km from temple
Canara Bank, Valappad – 3 Km from temple
HDFC Bank, Triprayar – 6 Km from temple
Kerala Banking, Financial Portal about Kerala’s Banking
Western Union & Other International instant money transfer arrangements are available at Manappuram Finance, Valappad – 3 Km from temple

Al Iqbal Hospital, Chentrappinni (91 480 2877625) – 4 Kms from temple
Westfort Hi-tech Hospital Thrissur – 30 Kms from temple
Mother Hospital Thrissur – 30 Kms from temple

Honest and trustable Chauffer driven rental car can be arranged by temple authorities on prior intimation
Autorikshaws available in 100m limit
Public bus transport available within 100m limit

All kinds of shopping needs including textile, medicine, groceries etc are within 1Km radius.

Places Near the Temple:
Guruvayoor Temple
Vadakkumnathan Temple
Triprayar Temple
Kodungallur Temple
Koodalmanikyam Temple
Athirappilly Waterfalls
Edamuttam Bhadrachala Subramanya Swami Temple
Palappetti Bhagavati Temple
Vennikkal Siva Temple

How to reach Vazhappully Temple?
By Road:
Vazhappully temple is well connected with other parts of city road. NH17 is just 1.5 Kms from the temple.

By Rail:
Thrissur Railway station is the nearest station. Private run Buses are available for every 10 mins to Edamuttom from Thrissur.

By Air:
Cochin International Airport is just 50 Kms from Vazhappully Temple.
Vazhappully Sri Rajarajeshwari Temple Address:
The Secretary
Vazhappully Sree Rajarajeswari Temple,
P.O Kazhimbram,
Via Edamuttom
Kerala – 680568
Telephone : +91 480 2839249 (Landline) or +91 9947 269 249 (Mobile)
E-Mail : vazhappullytemple@gmail.com

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