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Virginia Durga Temple Samagri list for Mata Jagran/Chowki

Donation at Temple – $351/-
Donation at Home – $651/-
(Priest Dakshina is not included)

Samagri list for Mata Jagran/Chowki:

1) Red Dupatta/Chunni for Mata 1
2) Small Chunni for Kanjak 5 – 9 Optional 5 – 9 packets of Halwa Puri for Kanjak
3) Halwa Prasad Depending on Attendees
4) Kale Channa Prasad Depending on Attendees
5) Coconut 2

6) Moli (Kalava) 2 Balls
7) Roli (kumkum) Small Packet
8) Saffron (Kesar) 1 Packet
9) Rice 2 lbs
10) Ghee 2 lbs

11) Agarbatti 1 Packet
12) Dry Fruit(almonds, Cashews, Raisins, Chuarre, Makhanne etc) 11 Lbs Mix any 5 or 7 different kind of nuts.
13) Depending on Attendees. Nut should be packed in snack begs.
14) Supari (Whole) 11
15) Fresh Fruit any seasonal 5 different kind

16) Flowers 2 Bunch
17) Green Cardamoms & Rock Candy, Cloves 1 Packet each
18) Paper Products Depending on attendees Bowls, Spoons, napkins, brown lunch bags Etc.

Jagran at Home

(in addition to above mentioned list, following items are required for Jagran at home)
Thalis 2
Steel Glass 2
Steel Katori (Bowls) 3-4
Steel Spoons 3-4
Lota (Kalsh) 1
Match Box 1
Paper Towel 1
Aluminum Foil 1
Pan Leafs 7
Aluminum foil Tray small 5
Aluminum foil Tray Large 2
You can obtain Mata’s pictures and chunnis from the Temple to
decorate the Mandir at home.
Please make a list of things you borrow from Temple and return it
next day. Make sure sheets are washed before returning

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