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Virudhachalam Virudhagireeshwarar Swamy Temple Timings, History

Vriddhagiriswarar Temple is an ancient temple in Vriddhachalam town, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. The presiding deity Vriddhagiriswarar is worshiped in Tevaram, written by Tamil poet-saints known as Nayanmars and classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam. The temple gives its name to the town of Vriddhachalam. Here Lord Shiva is Swayambhu and his consort is Vruddhambikai.

It is the ninth temple in Nadunadu region praised in hymns. This temple was built 1000 years ago in the Dravidian style of architecture. This temple has 7 levels of Rajagopuram standing majestically on the four sides. There are five Kodimaram flag poles with Nandi: Indra Nandi, Vedha Nandi, Atma Nandi, Maalvidai Nandi and Dharma Nandi.

There are five Prakarams, the outermost prakaram is known as Kailasa Prakaram. Chakra Theertham and Kubera Theertham are the temple tanks. Like in the Sri Kalahasthi temple, Lord Vinayaka is in an underground sanctuary with 18 steps to worship.

Saiva Siddhantha comprises 28 Agamas-branches. Lord Muruga installed 28 Shivalingas representing this philosophy and performed pujas. These Lingas are in separate shrines northwest of the temple. Lord Vinayaka is in the south line of the Lingas and Lord Muruga with his consorts Valli and Deivanai is in the north line.

28 Shivalingas installed by Lord Muruga are:

  1. Kamikeswarar
  2. Yogeswarar
  3. Sindhyeswarar
  4. Karaneswarar
  5. Ajitheswarar
  6. Deepadheswarar
  7. Sukshmeswarar
  8. Sahasreswarar
  9. Amsumaneswarar
  10. Sapradeswarar
  11. Vijayeswarar
  12. Viswaseswarar
  13. Swayambeswarar
  14. Analeswarar
  15. Veereswarar
  16. Rouravareswarar
  17. Makudeswarar
  18. Vimaleswarar
  19. Chandragnaneswarar
  20. Mukambireswarar
  21. Sarvothameswarar
  22. Parameswarar
  23. Kiraneswarar
  24. Vaduleswarar

The temple is praised as Agama Temple as this prestigious feature belongs exclusively to this temple alone. Vruddha means ancient – Achalam the hill. Vruddhalacham means an ancient hill. In chaste Tamil, this is mentioned as Mudhu Kundram in Thevaram hymns.

Virudhachalam Sri Virudhagireeshwarar Swamy Temple

Girivalam-circumambulating hill takes place every full moon day (Poornima). The sacred Vanni tree in the temple is 1700 years old. It is the faith of the devotees that salvation is certain whether he/she is born in the place, lives in the place, prays to the Lord here, or even thinks of himself while he is in another place and dies. in this location. One of the five criteria above will free you from the cycle of births and deaths. When the world was destroyed by floods of pralaya, this holy place, Vruddhachalam, is believed to have remained intact and fully alive. Of the 1008 Shiva shrines in the country held in high esteem, four are at the top of this divine list of which Vruddhachalam is one. Lord Muruga is in a standing posture with chakras above him. Lord Muruga with Chakras is rarely seen in a few Shiva temples only.

Number five has significance in this temple.

  1. Murthi’s are five Lords Vinayaka, Muruga, Lord Shiva, Shakthi Devi and Lord Chandikeswara.
  2. Lord is praised by five names – Vruddhagiriswarar, Pazhamalai Nathar, Vruddhachaleswarar, Mudhu Kundreeswarar and Vruddhagiri.
  3. There are five Vinayakas in the temple – Aazhathu Vinayakar, Mattru Uraitha Vinayaka, Muppillayar, Dasabhuja Ganapathy and Vallabha Ganapathi.
  4. Five Rishis had the darshan of Lord – Romesa, Vibasiddhu, Kumaradeva, Nada Sharma and Anavardhini.
  5. There are five towers in the temple at east, west, south, north and Kandarathithan (a Chola king) gopuram.

Virudhachalam Sri Virudhagireeshwarar Swamy Temple Timings:

Morning: 6:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
Evening: 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Sri Virudhagireeshwarar Temple History:

During the time of the Saivite saint’s Appar, Gnanasambandar and Sundarar, the place was known as Pazhamalai in Tamil and changed to the Sanskrit version Vruddhachalam in the following days. Vruddham means ancient and Achalam means hill. It is also said that Lord Shiva only appeared here in the form of this mount and other mounts only appeared later as per the scriptures.

Sage Vibasithu had a dip in the Manimutha River before starting the renovation of the temple. He gave the workers the leaves of the Vanni tree which were then turned into coins at the value due to the workers according to quality of their work, this is a story believed by generations. The Vanni tree is 1,700 years old, according to researchers. Sundarar passed by this place without singing the glory of the Lord. The Lord stopped him, blackmailed him and offered him 12,000 gold coins, placed them in the Manimutha river and directed him to collect them from the temple tank at Tiruvarur, according to Stalapurana.

Sri Virudhagireeshwarar Temple Pooja & Timings:

At Virudhagireeshwarar temple, daily poojas, special poojas and poojas on festival days are all performed regularly. The six pujas and timings are as below.

Ushathkalam PoojaMorning 6:00
Kalasandhi PoojaMorning 9:00
Uchikalam PoojaNoon 12:00
Sayaratchai PoojaEvening 6:00
Irandamkalam PoojaNight 8:00
Arthajamam PoojaNight 9:00

Vriddhachalam Shiva Temple Festivals:

  • 10 days Brahmostavam is celebrated during Masi month (Feb – Mar)
  • 10 days Aadi Pooram festival celebrated
  • 10 days Vaikasi Vasanth Utsav is celebrated in May- June
  • Aani Tirumanjanam in June – July
  • Arudra Darshan in December – January
  • Skanda Sashti – Soora Samharam in October – November
  • Special Abhishek is performed on Pournami days.
  • Girivalam Circumbulating the hill takes place on each Pournami day

How to Reach Virudhagireeshwarar Temple:

By Air:
Tiruchirappalli International Airport is the nearest Airport which is 127 Km away from the temple.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station is Vriddhachalam Junction which is 2.8 km away from the temple.

By Road:
Frequent Buses are available from Vriddhachalam, Cuddalore, Trichy, etc. From Vriddhachalam Bus Stand the temple is just 1.2 km. Auto Rikshaws and Private Taxis are available from here.

Virudhagireeshwarar Temple Address:

Sri Virudhagireeshwarar Temple
Cuddalore District,
Tamilnadu – 606001.
Phone: +91- 4143-230 203

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