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2020 Tirumala Padmavathi Srinivasulu Parinayam Dates | Parinayotsavam Time

Tirumala Padmavathi Srinivasulu Parinayam starts on 1st may 2020 and comes to an end on 3rd may 2020.

Tirumala Padmavathi Parinayotsavam:

Floral Bunch and Fruity Punch ate the Highlights of Parinayotsava Mandapam. Tirumala Padmavathi Parinayotsavam is a 3 days annual festival celebrated on Tirumala Hills. A special stage will be made for the the concept of -“Phala-Pushpa Shobhita Vedika” made of varieties of fruits and flowers for the religious ceremony.

Earlier, the religious fete will start with the procession of Lord Sri Malayappa Swamy Varu seated on the small Gaja Vahanam and the goddesses Sri Devi and Bhu Devi brought other Tiruchis and reached the finely decorated Parinaya Mandapam in the gardens of Narayanagiri .

The celestial marriage will took place on the lines of traditional Hindu Marriage system with the interesting events like Edurukolu(Inviting bridegroom and his entourage by the parents and relatives of bride to Parinaya Vedika), Pumala Marpu-(Exchange of floral garlands), Vastrala Chadivimpu (Offering new vastrams to bridegroom), Pu Bantata-(Game of floral balls) and Venchepu(bride and bridegroom being seated on the platform for marriage ceremony).

The pilgrims who converged to witness the celestial wedding enjoys every moment of the ceremony.

Tirumala Padmavathi Parinayotsavam History:

According to legend, when the goddess Mahalakshmi left Sri Maha Vishnu to go to Kolhapur, Lord Srinivasa, who went in search of his love, first landed at Narayanagiri in Tirumala, where these gardens are located and established as Lord Venkateswara and married. with the goddess Padmavathi Devi. It is believed that the Lord had Gandharva Vivha with the goddess Mahalakshmi who returned from his exile after a long time. To commemorate this ceremony, the celestial marriage is observed under the name of Padmavathi Parinayotsavam in Tirumala for three days during the time of Navami, Dasami and Ekadasi.

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