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2022 Tirumala Adhyayanotsavams Dates

According to traditional practice during the auspicious Dhanurmasam, the annual Adhyayanotsavam festival started at the Srivari temple. This unique 25-day festival will end on January 26.

Vaishnava Jeeyangars normally practice Adhyayanotsavams 11 days before Vaikunta Ekadasi with the Divya Prabandam Parayanam consisting of 12 Alwars each year at Srivari temple. For 25 days, the 4000 verses of Divya Prabandam will be recited in the Ranganayukala mandapam.

The first phase of ten days before Vaikunta Ekadasi is said to be called Pagal Pattu and the second phase of chanting is performed at night and is called Rapathu. On 22 Kanninun Siruttambu, 23 Ramanuja Nutrandadi, 24 Sri Varaha Swamy Sattumora will be observed. Adhyayanotsavams will end with the Tiruppalandu Todakkam ritual.

As mentioned in the inscriptions of 1253 and 1360, 1446 the Adhyayanotsavams was started in Tirumala by Tirumangai Alwars, Nathamuni and Bhagavad Ramanujacharya. The unique ritual holds a special place in the Agama traditions practiced by the Sri Vaikhanasa sect of the Sri Vaishnavite temples.

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