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2023 Chandra Darshan Date and Timings

Monday 23 January Chandra Darshan 5:48 PM to 7:34 PM
Tuesday 21 February Chandra Darshan 6:11 PM to 7:27 PM
Wednesday 22 March Chandra Darshan 6:29 PM to 7:15 PM

Friday 21 April Chandra Darshan 6:46 PM to 8:07 PM
Saturday 20 May Chandra Darshan 7:03 PM to 7:57 PM
Monday 19 June Chandra Darshan 7:17 PM to 8:36 PM

Chandra Darshan

Wednesday 19 July Chandra Darshan 7:15 PM to 8:38 PM
Thursday 17 August Chandra Darshan 6:55 PM to 7:43 PM
Saturday 16 September Chandra Darshan 6:21 PM to 7:08 PM

Monday 16 October Chandra Darshan 5:47 PM to 6:40 PM
Wednesday 15 November Chandra Darshan 5:23 PM to 6:45 PM
Thursday 14 December Chandra Darshan 5:21 PM to 6:34 PM

About Chandra Darshan:
Chandra or Chandran means the moon and in Hinduism, viewing of the moon is an act of great significance on certain special days. Chandra Darshan which means moon viewing is an important ritualistic custom followed on the first day when the moon is sighted after no-moon day i.e. following the Amavasya. Ritual observed for Chandra Darshan includes observation of full-day fast prior to moon sighting and after sighting of the new moon, the fast is broken by drinking water and eating Prasad.

Fixing the exact date for the beginning day of Chandra Darshan is easier said than done. Creators of the Panchang as per Hindu Calendar work hard to decide the time and date. This is because the moon can be sighted for a very short period of time on this specific day which is the start day of Chandra Darshsan. The norm is for it to become visible just after sunset when the moon places itself along the same horizon as the sun is in. Thus, sighting time of the moon should be done with great focus for those who are fasting and make sure to do so after the sun sets.

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