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Abids Gun Foundry Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism

The gun foundry is situated opposite to mahboobia Girls College in Abids. It was built by the ruler Asaf jahi during the year 1795 by a prominent French Engineer Monsieur Raymond. French Engineer Monsieur Raymond established a cannon-manufacturing factory here. The foundry is built with a massive brick walls and cubicles which are supported by bricks and mortar arches at ground level, and it also consists of bricks kiln-like space towards the ground.

Gun foundry is one of the landmark structures of Nizams rulers and existed more than 200 years. The Gun foundry has an iconic structure. The name Gun foundry is derived from the iconic structure. It is situated in the Hyderabad region. It is still intact to the current day amid the business institutions of Abids region and may be a reminder of the made past of Hyderabad town with its platoon and military would possibly.

Gun Foundry Hyderabad

How to Reach Abids Gun Foundry:

This gun foundry is well attainable by road and it is located in Hyderabad. The capital of Telangana Hyderabad is well accessible to different places of India by road ways, railways and air ways.

Abids Gunfoundry Address:

Gun Foundry,
Basheer Bagh,
Telangana – 500001.

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