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Shamsheer Kota Golconda Hyderabad | Telangana Monuments

We can see many monuments close to Golconda fort, which is located in Hyderabad. In these monuments the shamsheer kota monument situated close to Khazana constructed on the main road from the Fateh Darwaza to Bala Hissar road. To construct masjid and rooms they used Qutub Shahi style of construction. We can see a large stone of cannon which displays the glory of historical era of Quutub shahis ruled nearly 200 years.

The external structures which are in a break down state, the inner walls, courtyard and exterior spaces are still complete with heavy greenery in between them.

Shamsheer Kota GolcondaHow to reach:
From the centre of the Greater Hyderabad city, about 10 kilometers from the Golconda fort we can reach the Shamsheer Kota easily by road taking bus or an auto. The Telangana state capital Hyderabad is totally connected through all different parts of India by the means of railways, road ways and air ways.

Shamsheer Kota Golconda Hyderabad | Telangana Monuments

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