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Adasa Sri Ganapathi Temple Timings, History

Adasa Sri Ganapathi Temple is an ancient Ganesh temple situated in Adasa village, Savner Taluka, Nagpur District, Maharashtra. Adasa is famous for its magnificent temples. The most popular of these is Adasa Ganesh Temple, one of the eight Ashtavinayaka in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. This region, famous for being the seat of Vaman, is also known as the Adosh region. Shami Vighneshwar is the main deity. The sanctuary is located at the top of a small hill and can be reached by trekking or by climbing about fifty steps.

The Adasa Ganesha idol is 12 feet tall, 7 feet wide swayabhu (Self-manifested) in standing posture. Adasa Temple is 1000 years old. Lord Adasa Ganapati grants all wishes of people who visit and worship him. Adasa Sri Ganapathi Temple will be fully packed with devotees on Ganesh Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi and Angarak Sankashti Chaturthi Vrat.

There are around 20 other small temples which are located inside the premise which spans an area of 10 hectares. The temples include a shrine for Durga, a shrine for Kalbhairava, and two Hanuman temples in the reclining and standing position.

Adasa Ganpati Temple Timings: 6.00 AM to 9.00 PM

Adasa Sri Ganpati Temple History:

King Bali made up his mind to perform 100 yadnyas and good deeds enough to give him the position of Lord Indra. Through his immense dedication, he amassed a tremendous amount of strength. In order to destroy the fire sacrifices he had planned, the Vaman incarnation of Sri Vishnu worshiped Shami Vighneshwar. Later, with Shami Vighneshwar’s grace, Vaman destroyed the Bali fire sacrifice. After this incident, Vamana installed an idol of Ganesh in the name of Shami Vighnesh Vakratunda in this sacred region.

How To Reach Shami Vighneshwar Temple:

By Air:
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is the nearest airplane which is 42 km from the temple.

By Rail:
Malegaon Vyenku Railway Station, Takli Bhansali Railway Station and Nagpur Railway Station are the nearest stations to Adasa.

By Road:
To reach Adasa from Nagpur standard transports is easily accessible.

Nagpur Ganpati Temple Address:

Savner Taluka
Nagpur District,
Maharashtra – 441501.

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