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Adigoppala Nidanampati Lakshmi Ammavari Temple History, Timings

Adigoppala Nidanampati Sri Lakshmi Ammavaru Temple is a famous local Goddess temple which is located in a small village, Adigoppala of Durgi Mandal in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh State. Sri Lakshmi Ammavari (Neelam pati maha Laksmi) sanctuary is 6 km from the temple.

Puranas says Sri Parvathi Ammavaru was the daughter of Sri Yaganti Ramaiah and Sugunamma, she saw born with the curse of Maharshi Siladudu and she was named Sri Lakshmi. Suddenly Sri Lakshmi became pregnant before her maturity, the family members got angry and her brother killed her by burning her alive. From that time some of the villagers started performing pooja at the place where she was burned. A huge number of pilgrims visit this temple on Sundays and holidays. Annadanam is provided for the 700 to 1000 devotees Every Sunday.

Sri Nidanampati Darsanam Timings: 6.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. on all days.

Adigoppala Nidanampati Lakshmi Ammavari Temple History:

Because of laughing of Parvathi Devi…….. During Dwapara Yugatham (Yuga End) while Parvathi Parameswarlu were sat at Kailasam, the disciples (Pradama Ganalu) were dancing. At that time, Parvathi laughed on seeing Nandeeswara. Thereupon, Nandeeswara called upon Parvathi Devi stating that Jagnmata…. why you laughed on seeling my son. Maharshi Silan questioned her, Then Ammavaru replied him in his dance, there is no Talam ambition and therefore, Siladhudu has become very much angry upon Parvathi Devi and also informed that during Kaliyuga, you will be born in Bhoolokam without marriage, you shall have a pregnancy and because of this, you faced so many criticisms. Then Parvathi Devi requested him to inform the Sapa Vimochana Marge. Thereupon, who told her that the Kamadhenu shall be born as a cow (Goomata) and that you have to worship her daily. You can have pregnant. During my dance, you stated to me that I am not perfect in dancing hence in your pregnancy, Nandeeswarudu shall be in uncomplete shape your pregnancy and thereupon, your people abused her that she got illegal pregnancy and that they born her and thereupon, she left her body and therefrom she shall become Ammavaru in the name of Nidanampati Ammavaru and shall be a Kongu Bangaram towards devotees.

Her brothers burned her, Parvathi Devi who burned as per burned about seven hundred years back in Guntur District, Palnad area to Yaganti Ramaiah because of sapam to her. Since she burned after four sons, she was named Sri Lakshmi. Her father was having a cow named Kamadhenuvu. Sri Lakshmi used to go over to Gosala and by doing Pradakshina and used to have Go-Motram (Urine of the Cow). One day, due to sexual understandings with an Axe, she got pregnant. On knowing her pregnancy, the local persons, as well as parents, blamed her. Her brothers have come to the conclusion that her assassination shall be pollution for the bad name, One day when her parents are not in the house, her brothers called upon her to go over to their lands and asked her to step over the stored cotton and burnt the cotton munde. Sri Lakshmi was tied with the fire during her pregnancy. Thereupon, the Kamadhenu (Cow) was also stepped into the fire. Thereupon, Sri Lakshmi who died in the fire has become Sila. One girl having 11 years age came into the soul of Sri Lakshmi and informed me that I have burned and therefore every one day you have to worship by doing Pasupu Kumkas and for my cooling, you have to give Niveddana of Pongal and also not to construct any temple because the devotees have desired to have darshan shall be under the Sun.

Sri Lakshmi Ammavaru Nidanampati
Sevas / Poojas Cost Details:
Two-wheeler pooja Rs.10/-
Three-wheeler pooja Rs.20/-
Four-wheelers pooja Rs.50/-
Kesakhandna Ticket Rs.10/-

Nidanampati Sri Lakshmi AmmavaruImportant Festivals Celebrated:
Aswayoja Masam (Moola Nakshatram) – Saraswathi Pooja
Aswayoja Masam (Sudda Dasami) – Vijaya Dasami
Karthika Masam (Sudha Chavithi) – Nagula Chaviti
Karthika Masam ( Pournami)- Deepalankarana
Pushya Masam – Sankranti
Palguna Masam (Tirunalla Jathara) Jathara celebrated for 3 days.

Nearest Temples:
Sri Chennakesava Swamy Temple, Macherla 19 km.
Sri Trikoteswara Swamy Temple, Kotappakonda 82 kms.

Nidanampati Temple Address:

Nidanampati Sri Lakshmi Ammavari Temple,
Durgi Mandal,
Guntur District,
Andhra Pradesh.

Office Phone Number: 8642256333Nidanampati Sri Lakshmi Ammavari Temple Adigoppala

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