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Vangipuram Sri Vallabharaya Temple Timings, History

Sri Rajyalakshmi Sametha Vallabharaya Swamy Temple is an ancient temple constructed 1000 years ago, located in a small village named Vangipuram in Prathipadu, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh State. This Sri Vishnu Temple is 25 km away from Guntur District. The main deities are Swayambu Sri Vallabharaya Swamy and his consort is Goddess Rajya Lakshmi Devi. The temple Sikhara was very high and can be seen from 4km away. The temple premises are very large. One feels happy and receives spiritual thoughts upon entering.

Brahmotsavams will be performed in Maghamasa(which starts either in January or in February) every year with Panchahnika Deeksha by Pancharatra agama. A large number of people used to attend during that time. Vaikunta Ekadasi, Narakachaturdasi, Vijayadasami, Godakalyanam and Sri Krishnastami are the main festivals celebrated in a grand manner.

Vangipuram Vallabharaya Temple Timings: 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Vangipuram Sri Vallabharaya Temple

Rajyalakshmi Vallabharaya Temple History:

Between 1100 and 1123, the Kataka king Narasimhadeva sent his ‘sainyadhyaksha’ Ananthadandapala to conquer the southern states. Along with his soldiers “Anantha dandapala” stayed at the banks of Krishna River during his journey. One night he got a dream. In that dream, the Bhagavan appeared and said that ‘ Anantha, I am Srivallabha, I was at Ahitchatrapura earlier. To save the people here, I came and now my ‘silarupa’ is at the house of ‘ Vamanasarma’ under ‘kakarapadu’. You see to take it out and make prathista. By digging kakarapadu, there are two silarupas found. one is Sri Kakuleswara Swamy and another is Vallabharaya. As desired by the Bhagavan, the Srikakuleswaraswamy was made prathista at Srikakulam and Vallabharaya was made prathista at Vangipuram by Anantha dandapala.

So, the temple is nearly 1000 years old. It was said, there were 350 Vaishnava families residing in this village Vangipuram.

Sri Krishnadevaraya visited this temple between 1515 to 1533. Rani Rudrama’s Dandanatha Ravipati Vallabhadeva hailed from this village. (1261-1295). One of the Kannada Kavithrayas ‘PAMPA MAHAKAVI’ hailed from this village. Kannada Kavi Nagavarma hailed from this village. It is said that Annamacharya visited this temple (Listen to the Annamacharya Keerthana Vannekada Vannekada Vallabharaya).

How to Reach Vangipuram Vishnu Temple:

By Air:
Vijayawada International Airport is 81.8 km o the temple.

By Rail:
Guntur Railway Station is 30 away from the temple.

By Road:
Guntur NTR Bus Station is well connected with all major cities and from there the temple is 30.5 km .

Vangipuram Vallabharaya Temple Address:

Vangipuram Village,
Prathipadu Mandal,
Guntur District,
Andhra Pradesh – 522015.

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