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Ainavilli Sri Vighneswara Swamy Temple History, Timings, Address

Ainavilli Siddi Vinayaka Temple Timings:

5.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 3.30 PM to 8.00 PM.

Abhisekham Timings 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM Daily except on festivals days.
Daily Poojas:

Abhishekam – Rs 150.00 – Daily Seva – 6:00 am to 11:00 am
Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam – Rs 300.00 – Daily Seva – 11:00 am onward

Ainavilli Siddi Vinayaka Temple Monthly Poojas:

Laksha Durvarchana Pooja (Laksha Garika Pooja) – Free

Sri Vighneswara Swamy Temple History:

Vaastu Sastra specifies about certain places that are most suitable to construct temples. They are the river banks, near sea shore, at the confluence of rivers, on top of a mountain or near sacred places.

Amidst of the lush green banks of the River Godavari, the Konaseema area is one of the sacred as described in the Vaastu Sastra. Ainavilli is a place in this Konaseema area, where the famous “Siddi Vinayaka Temple” (Sri Vighneswara Swamy temple) is situated. As per the Kshetra Purana of this place, before performing Daksha Yagna, Daksha Prajapati performed Vinayaka puja at this place for the successful completion of the Yagna.

As per another legend, Vyasa Maharshi, during the beginning of his pilgrimage to the South, had installed Sri Vighneswara Swamy at this place. “Siddi Vinayaka” is a powerful deity who fulfills the desires of his devotees.

Sri Vighneswara Swamy Temple Ainavilli

The temple is situated in a spacious, elevated area, with the Vinayaka idol facing south. There are two gopurams and gates, and one can have the darshan of Vinayaka from the south and Sri Visveswara Swamy from the East. Sri Devi, Bhudevi and Sri Kesava Swamy are situated in the same compound. Sri Annapurna Devi, Sri Kalabhairava Swamy and Kshetrapalaka are situated by the side. Special Pujas are performed on Chaviti, Dasami, Ekadasi days every month. Special archanas are performed during Vinayaka Chavithi Navarathri, Karthika Month, Prabha festival on Sankranthi and Sivarathri.

Every day archanas are performed in accordance with Saivagama. Regular abhisheka is done according to sastra. Thousands of devotees from different places visit the temple to worship Siddi Vinayaka, who fulfills their wishes without delay. The shrine of Vinayaka is in the middle of coconut gardens, greenery and natural surroundings.

It is the belief and custom of the people in this area to make a promise in the name of this God to visit the temple to get their wishes fulfilled. It is believed that this very ancient temple was installed by gods. In the course of time it was renovated and developed by Peddapuram rulers. Presently the temple is maintained by the Endowment Department.

Ainavilli is located at a distance of 14 Kms from Amalapuram (Mukteswaram), 55 Km from Rajahmundry and 72 Km from Kakinada, and is accessible by all modes of transport.

Ainavilli Sri Vighneswara Swamy Temple

Yearly Poojas

Pens Festival – Free
Saptanadi Jalala Abhishekam (Abhishekam with water from 7 rivers) – Rs 200.00 – Yearly Seva –  10:00 am onward.
Vinayaka Chavithi Fruit Juice Special Abhishekam – Rs 200.00 – Yearly

Nithya Annaprasadam is distributed to the devotees in Sri Vighneswara Swamy Temple:
1) Birthday Annadanam Rs.300/-, Annadanam for 10 devotees.
2) Wedding Anniversary Annadanam Rs.300/-, Annadanam for 10 devotees.
3) Annadanam on your elders names Rs.300/-, Annadanam for 10 devotees.

Visista Maharaja Poshakulu
Maharaja Poshakulu
Raja Poshakulu

How to reach Ainavilli Ganesh Temple:

By Road: APSRTC Run direct buses are available from Amalapuram, 12 km.
By Train: The nearest Railway Station is Rajahmundry, 54 km away.
By Air: The nearest domestic airport is in Rajahmundry, 70 km.

Ainavilli Ganesh Temple Address:

Sri Vighneswara Swamy Temple,
Ainavilli Mandalam,
East Godavari,
Andhra Pradesh – 533211

Office Phone: 08856-225812, 9490225812


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