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Annamayya Keerthana – Cheri Yasodaku in English With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Cheri Yasodaku Lyrics in English

ceri yasodaku sisu vitadu
dharuni brahmaku tandriyu nitadu ||

solasi cucinanu suryacandrulanu
lali vedacalledulaksanudu |
nilicinaniluvuna nikhiladevatala
kaligincu suralaganivo yitadu ||

mataladinanu mariyajandamulu
kotulu vodametigunarasi |
nitagunurpula nikhilavedamulu
catuvanu retisamudra mitadu ||

mungita jolasina mohana matmala
bonginceghanapurusudu |
sangati mavantisaranagatulaku
nangamu srivenkatadhipu ditadu ||

Annamayya Keerthana – Cheri Yasodaku Meaning

He is the baby of Yashoda
He is also the Father of Brahma

As he sees, he reflects an aura similar to that of the sun and the moon (this is in context of the concept that the sun and moon being the eyes of the Lord)

As he stands, it feels as if all the devatas are right in front – as He is the mine of all the Gods

When He speaks, he pours out millions and millions of ‘guna-s’
He is similar to the ocean properly composed veda-s

As he appears in front of you He is such a man that he makes pleasant thoughts (or love) flow in abundance
For refugees like us, venkateswara is a part of us.

I have a great privilege to work with audio to our Parthasarathy Utsavams. Hope everyone enjoys the same. A humbly present one of the beautiful work of our Lord Krishna pasted to me by a very good friend…

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