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Annamayya Keerthana – Choodaramma Satulaaraa in English With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Choodaramma Satulaaraa Lyrics in English

cudaramma satulara sobana padaramma |
kudunnadi pati cudi kuduta nancari ||

srimahalaksmiyata singaralake marudu |
kamuni talliyata cakkadanalake marudu |
somuni tobuttuvata sompukaḷalakemarudu |
komalangi i cudi kuduta nancari ||

kalasabdhi kuturata gambhiralake marudu |
talapaloka matayata daya mari emarudu |
jalajanivasiniyata calladanamemarudu |
koladimira i cudi kuduta nancari ||

amaravanditayata atti mahima emarudu |
amṛtamu cuttamata anandalakemarudu |
tamito srivenkatesu dane vacci peṇdlade |
kaumera vayassu i cudi kuduta nancari ||

Annamayya Keerthana – Choodaramma Satulaaraa Meaning:

Oh virtuous women, look at Sri Venkatesa and his consort and sing auspicious songs. His consort is by His side. She garlands herself before offering the same to the deity.

She is Maha Lakshmi. Can there be any dearth for ornaments? She is the Mother of Manmatha. Will she be lacking in beauty? She is the sibling of the Moon. Can there be any dearth of graceful glances? She is slender with lustrous hair. She is His divine consort. She garlands herself before offering the same to the deity.

She is the daughter of the ocean. Will she not be majestic? She is the mother of the universe. Will she be lacking in compassion? She dwells on lotus in pool. Will she not be cool? She adorns a garland first and then offers to her deity.

The celestials bow to her. Is her glory in any way less? She is related to Amrutam(nectar). Is not her bliss infinite? Sri Venkatesa himself eagerly came and married her. She is young with beautiful and lustrous hair. She adorns a garland first and then offers it to her beloved deity.

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