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Annamayya Keerthana – Enta Matramuna in Bengali With Meaning

Enta Matramuna was wrote by Annamacharya

Enta Matramuna Lyrics in Bengali:

এংত মাত্রমুন এব্বরু তলচিন, অংতমাত্রমে নীবু
অংতরাংতরমুলেংচি চূড, পিংডংতে নিপ্পটি অন্নট্লু ||

কোলুতুরু মিমু বৈষ্ণবুলু, কূরিমিতো বিষ্ণুডনি
পলুকুদুরু মিমু বেদাংতুলু, পরব্রহ্মংবনুচু |
তলতুরু মিমু শৈবুলু, তগিন ভক্তুলুনূ শিবুডনুচু
অলরি পোগডুদুরু কাপালিকুলু, আদি ভৈরবুডনুচু |

সরি মিম্মুদুরু সাক্তেয়ুলু, শক্তি রূপু নীবনুচু
দরিশনমুলু মিমু নানা বিধুলনু, তলুপুল কোলদুল ভজিংতুরু |
সিরুল মিমুনে অল্পবুদ্দি, তলচিনবারিকি অল্পংবগুদবু
দরিমল মিমুনে ঘনমনি তলচিন, ঘনবুদ্ধুলকু ঘনুডবু ||

নীবলন কোরতে লেদু মরি নীরু কোলদি তামরবু
আবল ভাগীরধি দরি বাগুল আ জলমে ঊরিনয়ট্লু |
শ্রী বেংকটপতি নীবৈতে মমু চেকোনি বুন্ন দৈব(মু)মনি
ঈবলনে নী শরণনি এদনু, ইদিয়ে পরতত্বমু নাকু ||

Annamayya Keerthana – Enta Matramuna Meaning:

Oh Lord! Your devotees visualise You in many ways. They want to see You in different forms and ways. However, the deeper one’s heart envisions You, the more shallower is Your grace felt!

Vaishnavites assume and believe You profoundly to be Lord Vishnu;
Vedantas envisage You as the ‘Supreme Lord’ or ‘Parambrahma’;
Shivites and some others deem You as Lord Shiva;
Kaumalikas pray and revere You as Adi Bhairava;
Shaaktheyas presume You to be the incarnation of Shakthi;
You bless all of them in the form they desire You to be in !!

In this way, Your devotees revere and prostrate before You, giving you the form and shape they wish to see You in.

To those devotees who see You in the tiniest form, You are the tiniest to them;
Likewise, those who revere you with high esteem, You are the greatest and all-in-all for them.

There is no dearth of anything in this world if only You are beside me!

Just as a lotus plant creeps all over the span of water (in a pond/lake/river or wherever it is) leaving no space for anything else,
Just as the wells around the great Bhagirathi river never dry up (because the wells are always fed with water from this river beside);
(I pray to You, Oh Lord! Please be beside me!)
If YOU are the Lord incarnated on the Venkatadri mount, YOU are bound to be by my side!
It is You, Oh Lord, who have made me to become Your devotee;
It is You, Oh Lord, who have knocked my doors ~ only to grant me the Protective Asylum under Your Lotus Feet;
You are the ONE who enlightened me;
This is the eternal bliss for me!
This is the Para-Tattvam for me!
This is my moksha-marga (and salvation)!

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