Annamayya Keerthana

Annamayya Keerthana – Garuda Gamana Garudadhvaja in Tamil With Meaning

Garuda Gamana Garuda Dhwaja Lyrics in Tamil:

கருட கமன கருடத்வஜ
னரஹரி னமோனமோ னமோ ||

கமலாபதி கமலனாபா
கமலஜ ஜன்மகாரணிக |
கமலனயன கமலாப்தகுல
னமோனமோ ஹரி னமோ னமோ ||

ஜலதி பம்தன ஜலதிஶயன
ஜலனிதி மத்ய ஜம்துகல |
ஜலதிஜாமாத ஜலதிகம்பீர
ஹலதர னமோ ஹரி னமோ ||

கனதிவ்யரூப கனமஹிமாம்க
கனகனா கனகாய வர்ண |
அனக ஶ்ரீவேம்கடாதிபதேஹம்
னமோ னமோஹரி னமோ னமோ ||

Annamayya Keerthana – Garuda Gamana Garuda Dhwaja Meaning:

Oh Sri Maha Vishnu, Garutmanta is your mount. Oh Hari, in your incarnation as Rama you took human form. My salutations to you again and again.

You are the Lord of Lakshmi. You have lotus on your navel. Lakshmi was borne for you. Your eyes are beautiful like lotus. You belong to Sun dynasty. Salutation to you again and again.

You built bridge across sea(as Rama). You recline on ocean. You are the son-in-law of the God of seas. You are majestic like ocean. You wielded plough (as Balarama). Oh Hari, I salute you again and again.

Your divine appearance is Supreme. You are omnipotent. Your complexion is blue like dark clouds. You are unparalleled Venkatesa. I salute you again and again.

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