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Navanita Chora Namo Namo in Tamil With Meaning

Annamayya Keerthana – Navanita Chora Namo Namo Lyrics in Tamil:

னவனீதசோர னமோ னமோ
னவமஹிமார்ணவ னமோ னமோ ||

ஹரி னாராயண கேஶவாச்யுத ஶ்ரீக்றுஷ்ண
னரஸிம்ஹ வாமன னமோ னமோ |
முரஹர பத்ம னாப முகும்த கோவிம்த
னரனாராயணரூப னமோ னமோ ||

னிகமகோசர விஷ்ணு னீரஜாக்ஷ வாஸுதேவ
னகதர னம்தகோப னமோ னமோ |
த்ரிகுணாதீத தேவ த்ரிவிக்ரம த்வாரக
னகராதினாயக னமோ னமோ ||

வைகும்ட ருக்மிணீவல்லப சக்ரதர
னாகேஶவம்தித னமோ னமோ |
ஶ்ரீகரகுணனிதி ஶ்ரீ வேம்கடேஶ்வர
னாகஜனனனுத னமோ னமோ ||

Annamayya Keerthana – Navanita Chora Namo Namo Meaning:

Salutations to Govinda, the butter thief. Salutations to the lord whose powers are ocean-like.

Salutations to Hari Narayana, Kesava, Achyuta, Sri Krishna, Vamana, and Narasimha. Salutations to Murahara ( the destroyer of the demon mura), Padmanabha, Mukunda, Govinda and Narayana that descended on the earth in the form of man.

He is comprehended by scriptures. He is Vishnu the lotus eyed. He is Vasudeva. He lifted Govardhana mountain. He is the lord of the cowherds. Salutations to him. He is beyond the three Gunas namely Satva, rajas, tamas (gentle, passionate, indolent). Salutations to Trivikrama the lord of Dwaraka.

He is the lord of Rukmini. His abode is paradise. He holds discus. Indra the lord of heaven bows to him. He bestows prosperity. He is the repository of all virtues. All the celestials bow to Sri Venkatesa. Salutations to him.

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