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About Annual Vasanthotsavam Tirumala Temple | Yearly Festival in Srivari Temple

Vasanthotsavam Tirumala
The Annual Vasanthotsavam is performed in Tirumala on the auspicious days of Trayodasi, Chaturdasi and Pournami in the month of Chaitra (March/April) every year. According to the temple Legend, the Vasanthotsavam Festival was started during the period of King Achyutaraya in 1460’s. This annual fete was believed to have introduced by the King to mark the arrival of Spring Season. Lord and his Consorts are given aromatic bath on these three days which is believed to give a soothing relief to the deities from the scorching Sun.

This three-day festival starts with ankurarpanam (sowing the nine kinds of seeds) ceremony conducted on the day of Uttarabhadra star, one day before the commencement of Vasanthotsavam festival.

Punyaha Vachanam (purification rites), vaasthu santhi (worship of deity and lord of nature and their elements and natural forces as well as lord and deity of directions and environment) and samprokshanam (sprinkling of holy water as a symbolic representation of purification) rituals are performed by the temple priests. Access to these rituals is not open to public.

On all these three days, Sri Malayappa Swamy and His consorts are brought to beautifully decorated Vasanta Mandapam in a procession from the main temple. In Vasanta Mandapam, Abhisekham which means Snapana Thirumanjanam (Holy Bath with aromatic ingredients) is performed to the processional deity of Lord Sri Malayappa Swamy and His consorts on first two days.

On the third day, Lord Sri Rama with Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya and Sri Krishna with Rukmini and Satyabhama are also taken out in procession along with Lord Malayappa Swamy and His consorts. At the end of procession, all the Utsava murthies are brought to Vasanta Mandapam where Snapana Tirumanjanam is performed with religious fervour.

Pilgrims can participate in Srivari Annual Vasanthotsavam Festival on payment of Rs.300 per person per Ticket.

About Annual Vasanthotsavam Tirumala Temple | Yearly Festival in Srivari Temple

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