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Bekkeswara Swamy Temple Mahbubnagar, Telangana Shiva Temple

Bekkeswara Temple BekkamBekkeswara Swamy temple is situated in Narasingarayapalli, Bekkam, Mahabubnagar district, Telangana. Lord Shiva as Bekkeswara is the presiding deity in this temple. Brekkam is the seat of the Shiva. The name has come from the Kannada word of cat- Bekku. This village was earlier known as Narasingarayapalli. There is a legendary story that once a cow emptied its udder over an anthill in the palm grove. Immediately a cat lying hidden in the anthill came over and drank the entire quantity. On digging, the black Sivalinga was found. The villagers built a shrine there and installed the linga there. They called it Bekkeswara. Later some bhaktas brought two more linga from Banaras and installed them in the same compound though in different shrines calling them Moksheswara and Sakaheswara. There is also group of five Sivaalayas called Siddheswara, Kapileswara, Someswara, Malleswara and Kaleswara within 15 km of each other. Together these make the place the abode of the Lord Shiva. Maha Shivaratri and other Shiva festivals are celebrated in grand manner in this temple

Temple Address:
Bekkeswara Temple,
Bekkam Village,
Telangana 509104.

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