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Lord Shiva Temple Bhadi Adilabad Telangana Temples

Bhadi Temple is a well-known center in south India for pilgrims, and it is located in a rural place called Bhadi, which falls in the district viz. Adilabad, under Telangana state. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. It is situated approximately to a distance of 32 kms from Adilabad and 320 kms away from Hyderabad. In accordance with the topical apologues and religious experts, this antediluvian Hindu temple was built successfully in the kingdom of Gonda Raja who rules in this specific region for several years. Being one of the most frequently visited Lord Shiva temple, people advent there with strict determination, commitment and devotion. There are fine transportation available leading to the shrine.Bhadi-Shiva-Temple

The spiritual prominence of Bhadi temple: Rituals performed at this shrine took place according to the Vedic rules and protocols, in a very stringent way, this specific temple is known for committing several sorts of Shiva worships and for mending various doshams in self and occupational aspects on all of the Hindu sacred and festive periods.

Architecture of the temple: Bhadi Temple is famous for its unparalleled external and internal architecture designs (directly based on the South Indian Hindu temple architectural pattern and style.) and fashion that greatly looks like a local temple of this area. In every aspect, the ceiling and flooring of this temple is really unparallel. The pillars and murals of this temple have splendid images that tells the laurels of Lord Shiva and relevant tales.

Places to Sojourn: You do not get loads of options for staying in Bhadi. So, tourists can find comfy accommodations in Adilabad town. Some of the popular places to stay in Adilabad include Haritha Hotel, Sanjay Lodge, Kamadhenu Hotel, and Tirumala Lodge.

Compass to the Temple: Adilabad, the closest town to Bhadi is easily accessible from various parts of the world. Tourists can reach Adilabad from Hyderabad in 6 hours through buses or private Transport. From Adilabad tourists need to avail local transport to reach Bhoraj (7 km) and then Tirshana (20 km). Bhadi is located at a distance of 2 km from Tirshana. Adilabad Town Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Bhadi Temple.Shiva-Temple-Bhadi

Nearby Hospitals: 1. Civil Surgeon Community Hospital Community- Address : Hospital, Adilabad Ho, Asifabad Mandal, Adilabad-504293, Adilabad – 504001, Adilabad. Phone: +(91)-9440984979
2. Sri Sai Maternity and General Hospital- Adilabad Ho, Near Railway Gate, Adilabad – 504001 Phone: +(91)-8732230777

Some Useful Contact Numbers:
Adilabad Tourism Officer : 9440816087
State Tourism Department: 040-23450444
State Tourism Department Toll free Number: 1800-42-545454

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