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Kadile Papahareswara Swamy Temple Timings, History

Kadile Papahareswara Swamy Temple aslo known as Papanna is located in Kadile Village, Dilawarpur Mandal, Adilabad District, Telangana State. The main deities are Lord Kadile Papahareshwara Swamy and Annapurna Ammavaru. Lord Parasurama installed this Shivalingam. There is a Nandi idol in front of the Kadile Papahareshwara. According to a legend, devotees can hear “Om Namahshivaya” if they place one ear against Nandi’s ear.

It is believed that the Shiva Lingam oscillates slightly. According to legend, Parasurama killed his mother on the orders of his father. And to wash away his sin, he installs thirty-one Shiva Lingas in other places and installs the thirty-second Shiva Linga here, and when the Lingam moved, Parasurama assumed that all his sins had been taken away.

It should be noted that Lord Papahareswara is one of the significant forms of Lord Shiva, who is also popularly referred to by locals as Kadile Papahareshwar Swamy. According to local legends, this particular lord is firmly regarded as one of the incarnations of Sri Vishnu. It is also believed that Parashurama performed many penances at this particular place. According to Hindu mythology, Sage Parashurama wholeheartedly gave himself to Lord Papahareshwar immediately after killing his beloved mother’s head to directly get rid of his misdeeds and sins with great perfection.

Kadile Papahareshwar temple was constructed in the 12th century and the architectural style of the temple is in South India. Another feature of this temple is that it faces west, which is the direction of Shaneeshwara and Lord Shiva orders Shanideva not to touch his devotees who visit this temple.

Idols of Gajanan, Lord Brahma, Varaha Swamy, Uma Maheswari, Sri Vishnu, Shringi and Bhringi are inside the temple. There is no strict Dress code any decent dress is allowed. All Hindu festivals are celebrated, Shivarathiri is celebrated in a grand manner, a huge number of devotees gather to seek the lord’s blessings.

Kadile Sri Papahareswara Swamy Temple Timings:

Morning: 6:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Evening: 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Papanna Swamy Temple Address:

Kadile Village,
Dilawarpur Mandal,
Adilabad District,

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