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Benefits of Chhath Puja | Benefits of Chhath Pooja Details

The beauty and benefits of Chhath Puja are embedded in its disciplined rituals. The Chhath songs sung by the devotees during the puja are helpful in maintaining a calm mind and soul. During this period the human blood stream absorbs solar energy from the sunlight, which improves the function of the white blood cells. The solar energy greatly impacts the glands that activate the balanced secretion of hormones.

The absorbed solar energy helps to fulfill the energy requirements of the body. Further detoxification takes place, which keeps the body healthy. Chhath Puja improves mental health also. The calmness prevailing in the mind removes negative energies from the body. It regularizes the movement of life energy (Prana) that controls all negative emotions like jealousy, anger, etc. By practicing the rituals sincerely, it is possible to awaken other psychic powers like healing, intuition and telepathy.

Chhath festival also signifies the preservation of natural resources.

Chaiti Chhath Pooja

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