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Bhongir Fort History, Timings, Nalgonda | Telangana Heritage Spots

Bhongir Fort is located on a single rocky hill, which is located in the Bhongir town at the Nalgonda District. A unique egg shaped structure is the main attraction of this place for tourists.

The place is built up at 10th century, under the rule of Chalukya Tri-bhuvana-Malla Vikram-Aditya 6. The fort is well known for its uniqu structure which is made up from a single monolithic rock. The Chalukya Kings wanted the fort to be known as Tribuvangiri.

Over the years, the place has gained popularity as the Bhavanagiri or the Bhuvana Hill. During the ancient time, when the name of the important sites and places were being changed according to the Islamic culture, the place is regained its name as Bhongir. And since then, it is known as Bhongir, till present date.

The Bala Hisar, the fort is located on a hill which is 1500 feet above and which provides a stupendous view of the surrounding areas and the villages. The place played a very important role in the reign of Prataprudra and his grand mother Rudramadevi.

The structure and the design of the fort is just impregnable and the height of the hill on which it is situated provides an advantage over it more as it afforded as a bird’s eye view of the whole town. Their are two huge gates which block the entry gate. More than this, a huge moat encircles the fort, which helps in reinforces its defense strategies. Several other options are also put up at this place to enhance its reputation of being one the most invincible bastions of its time, such as huge underground chamber, stables, an armory and some trap doors.

Bhongir Fort

There is also a believe that the fort consist of an underground pathway, which leads its way directly up to the Golconda fort. Visitors are being invited always to have a look up at the remnants of the defense mechanism carried inside the fort, during the past times and also to makes up a trip to the fort.

In the 15th century, the advent of the gunpowder and the canons and the strength of the Bhongir fort in the warding off the enemies gradually began to ebb. The place began to loose its strategic importance. Afterwards, it started receiving a new shape and a new name under the Bahamani Sultans, as they renovated its appearance in the Islamic styles.

The Fort Bhongir is located 50 kms away from Hyderabad and in the present scenerio, the fort is just showing reminder of having a glorious and gallant past. It is truely an icon of the past that makes the Telugu’s to be proud of their heritage.

The special attractions of this place includes the remnants of the hidden chambers and the Bir’s eye view of the city of the Bhongir from the top of the hill. Apart from all these, several other attractions includes more than 800 years old Canon on the top pf the hill of the Bhongir fort and the sunrise view from Bhongir fort which looks just too beautiful to check out.

The entry fee to enter into the Bhongir fort includes rs 3/- only per head.

The place had gained special value also because of its structure and the place where it is situated. The place is located at the top of the hill about 500 feet in height. The place is ideal for various adventurous sports including trekking and rock climbing.

If you want to stay there and want to enjoy the place, then the famous hotel, Hotel Vivera, which is located in the Bhuvanagiri is a very good option for tourists. From there, tourists and visitors can easily reach to their preferred tourist spots. The price of the hotel is also reasonable and does not put any burden on your pocket.

Other accommodations include Hotel Ganesh, Hotel Bhuvaneshwary and the Hotel Nagamani. Tourist can also stay in Hyderabad and visit the fort too.

You can reached to Bhuvanagiri by rail from various parts of the state and the fort is at a distance of 1 km from the railway station. So can be easily accessed by the auto rickshaws from the Bhongir railway station. Apart from this, all the buses which is plying from Hyderabad to Waranagal, go via Bhongir. Many of the buses are also available from MGBS Hyderabad.

The closest railway station is the Bhuvanagiri which is located at a distance of 1 km from the fort.

Bhongir Fort Nalgonda

Hanuman Temple:

There is a small Hanuman Temple near the bhongir fort on the bhongir hill. Devotees visit this hanuman temple on Tuesdays.

Bhongir Fort Timings:

10.00 am to 5:00 pm All days

Entry Fee:

5.00 rs for Indians
100.00 rs for foreigners
25.00 rs for camera For Videography
130.00 rs per person for Light and Sound Show Ticket

Distance to Bhongir Fort:

From MGBS Hyderabad 49 Kms
From Warangal 98 Kms
From Nalgonda 74 Kms

Bhongir Address:

Bhongir Fort,
Shanthi Nagar,
Telangana 508001

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