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Nalgonda Rachakonda Fort Timings, History | Velama Kings Fort Telangana

The shot span of power of the Velama rulers has left evidence in the Rachakonda Fort in Telangana. Though the fort is in ruined form currently, it is even today an embodiment of medieval art and culture and also sticks to the ethics of Vasthu Shastra that influenced most Hindu fort architecture.

Recherla Singamma Nayak, the last commander of the Kakatiyan kings, in the 14th century AD announced independence and made their own chronology of kings under the Padma Nayaka dynasty. They were famously called as the Velama rulers, and got a brawny hand over the Telangana region in the post-Kakatiyan and pre-Bahamani era and built the small but sturdy Rachakonda fort.
The South East corner of the fort displays a perfect view of the complete city and the fort has two stages built, the upper stage and the lower stage. The doorways in the entrance are held up by a brilliant pattern of monolith pillars.

A unique fact about the fort is that it is built in cyclopean stonework which shows no use of mortar in its construction. In this building procedure, massive limestone boulders are positioned side by side with negligible space in between them. The fort also has shafts of light and lintels with rock cut walls which attract the lovers of history like magnets who rush to the fort to have a peek into the ancient times.

Nalgonda Rachakonda Fort Timings:

Daily 9:00 AM  to 5:30 PM.

Racha Konda Hill Nalgonda

Rachakonda Fort History:

The fort has a h2 history related with history of the Velama kings. A dramatic ascends of the Velema kings had made them tremendously arrogant and ineffective as per an explanation of a prodigy. They also had considered themselves unconquerable. Due to this pride, all their subjects had started suffering many violent incidents, especially the women. People believe that one such dishonored woman cursed the Velama rulers as to never succeed their goals and converted herself into a stone. This curse is said to have caused the decline of the Velama rulers. This chronicle is well proved by the fact that the stone figure of the woman is still found in the grounds of the fort.
The outer walls of the fort are constructed with stones of irregular shapes and sizes and the inner walls are made up of mud. This fort was importantly put up to act as the most major and momentous security fortress for the Velama rulers. Belonging to the pre-firearms era is yet another attention-grabbing characteristic of the fort. Nevertheless, the Rachakonda fort emerged in its own slow rapidity, contrary to most of its equals like the Golconda fort that technically met the demands of the introduction of firearms.

Rachakonda Fort Nalgonda

The Rachakonda fort has a history of being a dumb spectator to the supremacy of many ruling empires. On the descent of the Velema kings, the fort acted as Shitab Khan’s throne of power in 1480 under the rule of the Bahamani kings. Later in 1503, Shitab Khan proclaimed his liberty and widened his full control over all the three forts, Rachakonda, Khammam and Warangal. This fort ultimately served as a province of Jagir under the Qutub Shahi kings.

Distance from Hyderabad:

This Rachakonda fort is situated 70 km away from Hyderabad city. Visitors interested in knowing the history of Telangana can for sure make a one day visit to the Rachakonda fort of Nalgonda district.
Some anonymous people dug out a 6 feet tall Shiva Lingam lately when hunting for treasure of Rachakonda fort.

Nalgonda Rachakonda Fort Special Attraction:

The history lovers of Telangana will surely love the putrefying splendor that is printed evidently on the stone walls of the fort.

Where to stay:

Tourists can easily make use of the exceptional lodging amenities available in Hyderabad as this capital city of Telangana state is just 60 km away from the fort. A number of hotels in Hyderabad also provide transportation services for a day trip visiting Rachakonda fort.

Racha Konda Fort Nalgonda

How to reach Rachakonda fort:

The fort can also be easily travelled to from Hyderabad in private vehicles. Reach Tippaiguda from the Nagarjuna sagar highway and the fort is situated at just 2 km from Tippaiguda.

Distance to Rachakonda Fort:

From Hyderabad Rachakonda fort 64.7 km via NH65 (1 hours 32 min without traffic)
From Karimnagar 217 km via Siddipet – Karimnagar Road and Karimnagar – Hyderabad Highway (3 hours 16 min without traffic.)
From Kurnool 248 km via NH44 (3 hours 29 min without traffic)

Nalgonda Rachakonda Fort Address:

Rachakonda Fort
Telangana 508252

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